Penfolds Wine from Australia is running an on-pack promotion at PARK n SHOP. Buy a boxed set of 2 bottles of wine and receive a drop stopper & wine stopper for free.  This ensures that the wine taste stays as original as possible, a thoughtful GWP by Penfolds.

Wine free gift

The drop stopper, on the left of this picture, targets consumers who drink premium wine. This gives consumers a sense of elite when drinking Penfolds wine. Making consumers feel special is one good marketing strategy.  The item on the right acts as an airtight stopper for the wine so that it stays fresh longer.

Wine promotional products

We think that it would be interesting to have Penfolds’ logo on both the stoppers, like they had on the bottle necker, enhancing the brand recall of its company. Feel like having yours personalized?

Do contact us for more details! ODM has years of experience in the promotional product industry and we specialize in promotional product design, sourcing, sampling, manufacturing, auditing, and quality control. We also have an in-house team of designers that can help you with ideating and designing your product.

Have a look at the bottle-necker below.  Penfolds used this to store the gift on one of the wine bottles inside the pack.  This is an elegant way of displaying the gift that Penfolds is presenting to its’ customers and even better, it can be customised.

Bottle Necker Supplier

Why do you need an on-pack promotion?

It makes you stand out from other competitors in the retail market and it encourages impulse buying as the consumer feels like they have something to gain by purchasing your product.

Can you brand the bottle necker?

Yes, you definitely can. You can also customize the colour to properly blend with your company representation or add a logo.

What makes a good on-pack promotion?

A good on-pack promotion is one that ultimately influences the buyer's purchase behavior and entices them to buy more than they would ordinarily have. A good, branded product with relevance to your target audience.

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