Wines are one of the popular alcoholic drinks among many and there are lots of wine brands out there competing over each other for sales. Furthermore, consumers are extremely picky with the brand and some may have trouble picking one. So, to stand out, brands should have great marketing strategies to draw customers to their brand, such as a Wine POS Display. They are a great sales promotion strategy to promote your brand at supermarkets.


I recently came across this drinks display by Brown Brothers at a supermarket and I was immediately drawn to it. It was placed at a standalone location and not together with the other wine brands. I was wowed by the smart design of the POS display and the brand made a good job to stand out from their competitors.

Wine POS Display

Wine POS Display

Design of the Wine POS Display:

Wine Rack

The top shelf is a wine rack where they showcase their product variety. Shoppers need not have to pick up a bottle from the shelf to see the label. Also, they prevent the bottles from falling off.

Wine POS Display

Wine POS Display


The shelf is made of wood. They are cost-effective materials for custom POS displays. The color of the display is dark brown, which gives it a vintage and premium feel to it.



The side of the display has posters that also have a catchy tag line – “We’re a Curious Bunch.” In addition, they made use of a pun, using the word “bunch,” which can refer to a bunch of grapes or a group of people. People will also be curious and want to try their wines.

Wine POS Display

Wine POS Display

Brand Logo

The brand logo is big and prominent which shoppers can notice.


How can Wine POS Display boost sales?

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic appeal and design are factors that shoppers will consider when buying wine. The choice of material and colour gives the brand a more rustic and premium feel to the brand. In addition, side poster contrasts well with the wooden POS display.  With an attractive wine POS display, shoppers will be drawn to their brand.


Brand Remembrance

The design of the display is attractive and the tagline of the brand is catchy, so it will make your brand more memorable. Shoppers will remember your brand for the eye-catching and innovative POS Display and may want to try your product when they come back to the supermarket.

Increase Brand Value

The design of the POS display feels very high-end and elegant. Hence, it will add value to your product. When shoppers compare wine bottles, they might choose your brand as they may perceive your brand to be of higher quality and value.


Grab Shopper’s attention

The wine POS display is located in a  stand-alone area and the bottles are not placed together with the other brands, so they stand out from other brands. Shoppers can also perceive the brand to be exclusive or limited edition, so this urges them to try the product.


To Sum Up…

The Wine POS display is indeed very well-designed and attractive. I especially love the wine rack on the top shelf and side poster. Overall, wine POS displays are a great promotional strategy for wine brands as they will capture shoppers’ attention, increase their brand value, and brand remembrance.

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