Vietnam-based Ranee Kids is offering an in-pack giveaway feeding bowl as part of their in-store marketing strategy. It offers numerous benefits for the shoppers, but to the company as well. Done right, in-pack, and on-pack offers will do the selling for you.

In-pack gifts are a simple way to sell without hard selling. The gift serves as a bait for customers to pay attention to your products. According to studies, most purchasing decisions are done on-shelf. So, offering a freebie could give you the much-needed boost to drive impulse purchases. And Ranee got it right!

In-Pack Giveaway

In-Pack Giveaway


Practical and durable, shoppers will appreciate the in-pack gift. Kids tend to get restless during feeding time. This is why feeding bowls are always made from melamine, silicone, and stainless. The bowl will not break even when it topples over. Kids can even play with them.

In-Pack Giveaway

In-Pack Giveaway

Ranee is a Vietnam-based brand of cooking oil. True to their philosophy of bringing healthy food to the table, they are offering this plastic feeding bowl for kids. This is great for toddlers and even school children. They can also be used for sauces and dips or keeping leftover food. However, it is more than just a kitchen item as it can be a great promotional item too.


But Why is this a Good In-Pack Giveaway Idea?

More Value for Money– Giving away items that go together can save shoppers time as they will not have to make browse through different shelves to get that one item that they need. It can also save them a lot of money as the in-pack gift is free.

Brand Impression– The more the bowl is used the more customers will be accustomed to the brand. This is because the product complements the main selling product. What we learned from this example is that it is important that the customer giveaway ties into your brand image to make a strong impression.

In-Pack Giveaway

In-Pack Giveaway

Practical– Practical gifts are valued by customers. Even if they do not personally use it, they can pass it to other people who might need it. This way, Ranee can reach more people at once.

Simple to Implement– Simple products like this promotional custom printed bowl are easy to implement. They can be attached on the bottleneck and make it a bottle necker or make it a bonded premium by taping it on the bottle.

In-Pack Giveaway

In-Pack Giveaway

Design AppealPromotional bowls are flexible in terms of design and customization. Here, Ranee used a fish-shaped bowl to make it more appealing to their younger market. Your designs should have something to do with your brand to reinforce your message. You have the freedom to make your visions come alive. For instance, animal designs and famous characters to encourage kids to eat healthy foods.


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