In-pack gifts are a common way to promote drink brands. Not only are they easy to execute, but they also turn heads. Obtaining an additional product without paying an additional fee is appealing to customers. This is how brands like Bacardi, Johnnie Walker, and Oakheart are marketing their products.

In Pack Gifts

In Pack Gifts

The brands are making in-store buzz through their in-pack promotions. Customers can get free logo drinking glasses when they buy any of the featured products. The tumblers come in various sizes and style.

Bacardi offers two different glasses for each of their rum variants. Shoppers will get 2 shot glasses with purchase of Bacardi Carta Negra. They will get one branded tumbler with purchase of Bacardi Carta Blanca.

In Pack Gifts

In Pack Gifts

Johnnie Walker offers a branded glass as on-pack offer. They are sporting a neat and classy look that fans will love.

In Pack Gifts

In Pack Gifts

Lastly, Oakheart is giving away a mason jar glass. Made out of a thick glass, it makes for a great on pack giveaway idea. Shoppers can easily recognize the brand name because of its simple design.

In Pack Gifts

In Pack Gifts


Bacardi, Oakheart, and Johnnie Walker did great promoting their products through in-pack promotions. With so many products competing for shelf space and customer attention, shoppers can get easily distracted. It may cause your products to be pushed into the back. By incorporating gifts in-pack, you have a better chance of being noticed by customers. Here’s how the above-mentioned brands owned the shelf with in-pack gifts.


How Drink Brands Win Shelf Wars with In-Pack Gifts

Utility – Drinking glasses are high-utility and their practical value also improves your products’ perceived value. A drinking glass can last for years, long enough to effectively drive your brand message to your target audience.

Visual Appeal – Some of the drinking glasses feature silk-screen printed brand names while the Bacardi Carta Negra shot glasses feature embossed designs. The simplicity of the design is suitable for the kind of product they are selling and for the market they are targeting.

Effective Packaging – Interesting promotional product packaging is one of their strong points. For instance, Oakheart features wood in their packaging to achieve the image they are aiming for. Oakheart is described as a “spiced rum-based spirit.” The rums are aged in charred oak barrels, which gives it a unique fruity note. The packaging design is a nod to the maturation process Oakheart undergoes to bring out its unique vanilla, cinnamon and rum notes.

In Pack Gifts

In Pack Gifts

Drives Impulse Purchases – When you see a free item being given away, your eyes go to where the merchandiser wants you to see – their products. People love getting free items because they know it will cost them nothing. This is why in-pack gifts work! Those who are not planning on buying the products may be encouraged to finally make the purchase because of the free items being given away.


Why Drinking Glasses as In-Pack Gifts?

According to studies, 9 out of 10 people can recognize and remember the brand name or logo on the promotional product. Practical items like these drinking glasses are long lasting and can be shared with guests at parties. Therefore, they double your brand exposure. This is one of the reasons people remember brand names printed on tumblers.

Secondly, customers have positive impressions of brands that offer free custom branded merchandise. Because they receive extra items at no additional costs, they will try to reciprocate this by choosing your products over competitors.

Every home has at least one shot glass or a drinking mug kept in their cupboard. This means shoppers will definitely keep your promotional items with them. It will ensure extended brand visibility long after the products have been consumed.


Why Work With ODM for Your Next In-Pack Gifts Promotions

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