With the market getting more saturated and competitive by the day, it is important for brands to be creative with their marketing approach to get more customers. One of the best marketing campaigns to carry out is in-pack promotions. This way, your brand can gain a competitive advantage against competitors and successfully boost brand recognition.

This in-pack gift promotion by Hendrick’s is definitely worth-checking out. The brand is offering a branded tea cup as an on pack gift with purchase. This was a fantastic customer incentives as they go well with the main selling product. Moreover, you can see that the designs on their ceramic custom drinking cups reflect their brand packaging design.

In-Pack Promotions

In-Pack Promotions

We also love the packaging used. Customers will be able to see clearly the freebies they are offering. This attracts more customers because they will know what to expect from the brand. Those who love chic and vintage designs will certainly be drawn to their promotion, thereby increasing sales.

We can say that Hendrick’s Gin’s in-pack promotions is a success. And we believe that you can be successful in this marketing strategy as well. Here are 5 simple hacks for a successful in-pack promotions.


What are 5 Hacks to Create Effective In-Pack Promotions?

Know your target audience.

It is not possible to create a promotion without knowing the potential target customer. If you are marketing drinks, you might include a gift which is attention-grabbing, such as a promotional glass cup which will make drinking more satisfactory. There are various ways people are consuming alcohol; and knowing this allows you to create a set that caters to their needs.

Think practical.

The promotional gift that you are going to provide with your product should be complementary to the product itself. When it is a bottle of whisky it should have included something where it can be poured in. There are other examples of practical gifts like a bowl for an ice-cream or kitchenware. When it comes to kids, you may think of promotional plush toys, while for teenagers promotional tote bags would be ideal.

In-Pack Promotions

In-Pack Promotions

Grab Customer Attention.

There is nothing more grabbing the attention than a visual appearance. Think of something bright, even better if it glows in the dark. Make it unique with unusual shape or packaging. This on pack offer by Hendrick’s is an excellent example. The teacup is of a unique shape and the packaging is truly attention-grabbing. Adding something they did not expect is an excellent way of attracting more customers.


When it comes to design and production there are a few more things to think of before you put the product on the market. To maximise sales, you need to find an affordable designer and competitive manufacturer who will provide effective promotional products for your brand.

Clear advertising.

No one will read a long note left on a package of your gift set because people have short attention span. Thus, longer marketing copy could bore them. Your marketing message should be short and easy to understand.

All in all, the above pointed key rules, are made for you and the success of your company. We are certain that with these your future business will grow tremendously. With these hacks, we are believe you can have a competitive edge over your competitors.

In-Pack Promotions

In-Pack Promotions

How can ODM help you?

The ODM Group team will ensure you that our promotional products are being specifically made to your needs. With the work of designers and specialists in production, we can assure you of high quality and effective custom promotional giveaways for business. You will be more than happy with our promotional help. Feel free to contact us today!


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