Packaging involves a lot of careful planning and constant revisions before you achieve the desired result. As such, it is critical to hire a product packaging factory that has an years of experience in manufacturing high quality product packaging to achieve great results. Here’s why.

Your product packaging says a lot about your brand. A professional and well-designed packaging not only inspires trust but it also helps shape your customers’ buying decisions. Aside from the overall design, what is inside the package is important as well. Here’s an example by Tanqueray.

Product Packaging Factory

Product Packaging Factory

The brand is offering a free glass with purchase as an in-pack promotional gift. This is a good marketing tactic as the product being offered goes well with the gin, and this makes the customers feel rewarded for purchasing their products.

We also noticed that their lime green gin packaging complements their bottle color so it creates a finer brand remembrance. The subtle foil stamped design reflects light so the box packaging looks sparkling at certain angles. It is simple, yet it makes it easy for customers to remember their brand.

So, are there ways to develop an effective product packaging for your in-pack and on pack promotions?


Product Packaging Factory: 4 Tips for an Effective In-Pack Promotion

  • Keep your design neat and simple: Your packaging should communicate what your brand stands and what your product is as it only takes a few seconds for shoppers to make a decision. You should catch their interest from the start, and you can do this by keeping your designs simple.
  • Be Transparent: Graphic designs on the packaging should be clear and show what’s inside the packaging in order for customers to know what they are getting from their purchase. Alternatively, designers can make cut outs on the promotional packaging so that customers can see through the package.
  • Make it Sturdy: The product packaging should be sturdy enough to keep your merchandise in good condition. You don;t want customers getting chipped or broken products, right? There are so many sturdy yet eco-friendly packaging options nowadays. Sourcing the right packaging for your products can help grow your brand’s reputation. For instance, Bio PET packaging is a fantastic alternative to plastic as it is tough, yet can be recycled. Another better alternative would be wood. A branded wood packaging works great with alcoholic drinks as itadds a touch of class to the products. Speak with your product packaging factory to know your packaging options.


Designing and planning your packaging involves extensive planning and constant revision of designs before you achieve the desired results. Thus, to minimize production and sampling errors, constant communication with your product packaging factory is necessary.


Suggestions for Improvement

Product Packaging Factory

Product Packaging Factory

There is only one thing we noticed in Tanqueray’s promotion: the boxes were not stacked neatly. One solution to this problem is to create their own free standing display unit that’s custom fitted to their boxes. This way, all the boxes can be stacked properly and they would not have to share shelf space with other brands. This will help highlight their product. FSDUs are a simple yet effective way to draw attention to your products as you can place them along the store aisles and shelf ends.

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