With technology on the rise, brands need to constantly find new and innovative ways to connect with their customers. In the recent tech fair in Hong Kong, we realised that this is fairly achievable thru the use of a Branded USB Cable.

Branded USB Cable

Branded USB Cable

Usability of Branded USB Cable

In this generation, everyone carries a mobile phone with them. But with dwindling battery lifespan, more and more people carry portable chargers with them. Therefore, USB cables are carried and used daily. Giving your clients a branded USB cable not only helps solve their battery problems but also helps with brand awareness. Every time your client uses the cable, your brand will be showcased. This can also be to others, which helps improve brand awareness. Being constantly exposed to your brand will also help with brand retention as your client will constantly be seeing your brand. A complimentary gift with purchase would be a custom cable organiser, here to find out more!


Highly Customisable

Do note that a Branded USB Cable is highly customisable because there are little restrictions as to how you can create your branded USB cable. You will also be able to customise the colours, size, and message. Thus you can better showcase your brand to potential customers.

Branded USB Cable

Branded USB Cable

The ability to customise your USB Cable also allows you to make it in different shapes and sizes. This includes specific shapes such as your brand’s logo shape or even glass bottles. Quirky designs and oddball shapes not only appeal to customers but will also entice customers to use your branded USB cable over similar cables. As such you will benefit from the brand exposure.

Not only is the cable customisable, but how about customisable power banks?

Branded USB Cable

Branded USB Cable

How Can ODM Help?

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