An office giveaway normally adds value to our key customers and is very cheap to purchase in high quantities. Due to the pricing being low, this kind of purchase will be a small investment. However, the impact the giveaway has on the end customer is incredible as it reinforces your branding.

Cable drop organisers can be used as an office giveaway for our clients that will definitely enable us to increase our corporate branding and retention. We are offering a very useful product that will be used every day and will increase our marketing power due to the exposure to the public.

You can see a visual representation of this stunning giveaway:

Wonderful cable drop organisers as a giveaway

Wonderful cable drop organisers as an office giveaway


How useful is this office giveaway to retain our customers?

We have all been in the situation where we get too stressed about the number of cables around us, especially in the office, where people have all kind of chargers around which occupy space. This giveaway will enable your key customers to receive a very valuable promo gift as they will definitely use it every day and make their lives much easier.

With the cable drop organisers you will be able to organise your tables and fully concentrate on your work and forget about having too many cables around.

The cable drop organiser can be made of silicon or plastic and has an adhesive sticker behind to be able to stick the giveaway on to tables. The promotional product is very easy to customize according to your color requirements and print your logo so that people remember who the giveaway was given by.

With the usage of these adhesive cable drop organisers, your problems and stress will be gone.

Organize your cables with this cable drop promotional product!

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