Why Events Merchandise?

Events Merchandise

Sadly, due to the virus outbreak – many events have been put on hold this year. As many other countries are adapting to safe distancing measures, small events are being welcomed back. Businesses are starting to re-open and the promotional products industry is getting back to work.

Events Merchandise have been such a great way for companies to distribute their brand image to a large audience. Big brands use events such as Charity Events, Roadshows, Concerts and Sport Events to promote their branding to their target audience.

Our job as a promotional products company is to ensure that the promotional products that are involved in marketing these events are in line with the nature of the brand’s business, and appealing to the target consumers.

There’s so much unique promotional items we’ve designed and manufactured for events. However, it takes a lot of skill to understand what your customer wants and how to make sure they enjoy themselves at these events. Without further ado, let us compile 10 Event Merchandise brands use to impress guests!

1. Personal Hygiene Kit

At the time where this blog is written (7 August 2020), we have not shown progress in developing a successful vaccine to protect people from the Covid-19 virus. Even though businesses and social events are starting again, we urge businesses and brands to take care of their guests. We certainly would rather not have the virus hijack events which could have been managed more carefully.

Items like woven face masks and hand sanitizer pens make a great opportunity for companies to brand them for events.

Therefore, avoid bad PR and help contain the virus. We wouldn’t want your brand to be associated with carelessness and ignorance when someone gets mistakenly infected. We have a selection of healthcare and Covid-19 products that can help facilitate events and businesses. Let’s keep everyone healthy!

2. Lanyards and Tags

Customizable Lanyards with Data Cable as Corporate Giveaway
Custom Travel Tags

There’s always 2 types of people in events : the hosts and the guests.

Therefore, it is really important that the events organizers (hosts) are easily differentiated among the guests. You wouldn’t want to mix your human resource with your clients wouldn’t you?

If you’re on a limited budget and none left to spare for official tshirts – we recommend using lanyards and tags to identify who’s on your team! If access is limited to the event, these lanyards and tags also make a good way to identify who your guests are and avoid unwanted entry.

As a promotional product, we’d prefer that branded items have a high utility for customers. Therefore USB lanyards can be a great gift for guests so that they can bring them home and continue to use them.

3. Raincoats & Foldable Ponchos

Custom Rain Poncho
poncho ball keychain promotional gift

This will come in very handy when the weather doesn’t go well as planned.

If your event is being held outdoors, you should definitely include this into your gift pack. Here at ODM, we believe that the party don’t stop – rain or shine.

It would be a shame if your guests would have to be drenched and plans affected by the weather. Foldable Ponchos would be a life-saver for some of your guests when it rise up to the occasion.

Moreover, these can also be reusable. Therefore appropriate for your branding needs, and the portability of the product allows maximum brand exposure.

4. Banners & Inflatable Arch

Custom Inflatable Arch
Custom Inflatable Arch
Outdoor Branding Ideas

If your marketing budget is not restrictive, we recommend brands to go all in and invest in these banners and inflatable archs. We guarantee you, these banners will help your guests notice you from far away and will invite more guests to visit your event.

These banners and inflatable archs function as a brand amplifier and completely sells the brand image to the masses.

It also implies to clients of how professional and committed your brand is – which is why these event merchandise are being traditionally used by corporate brands.

Of course, these cannot make a promotional gift for clients. However, these could also be reused for future events when in case your brand is hosting another one.

5. Marquees

Outdoor Branding Ideas
Outdoor Branding Ideas
Outdoor Branding Ideas

When hosting outdoor events, having a promotional marquee is a must!

You should use these as stations for guests to sign up for lucky draws and for registration purposes.

Or else, these could also be used for personal brands who are participating in festivals and roadshows.

6. Clappers & Bang Bang Sticks

Sports Stadium Promotions - LED Bang Bang Sticks
Caxirola Alternatives: Custom Clappers

Concerts and Game events should make these compulsory! The bang bang sticks and clappers will encourage fans and guests to clap and support for performers and athletes. They would definitely create more energy into your events and make it enjoyable.

People love expressing themselves and many like to cheer on for their favorite cause. As an event organizer, our job is to facilitate that and support their cause. That is what helps connect clients with businesses and where relationships form.

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