Project Description

Custom Dart Boards

Custom Dart Boards

Why : Our friends in the drinks industry are very committed when it comes to merchandising and branding. This is because most alcohol brands can only connect with their end clients at bars and pubs. These are usually the locations where their brand can get optimal exposure and also an opportunity for customers to try their brand.

What : We were reached out to help manufacture these Custom Dart Boards which were customized to suit our client’s brand. These dart boards are meant to be put in bars and pubs for branding purposes. It makes a good promotional item because its interactive and an exciting activity customers can engage with when they are out drinking.

Product Specifications : These custom dart boards are electronic. Therefore capable of keeping scores when you’re playing the game. The dart board is customized to our client’s branding with the brand logo printed on the cover door of the board. This helps gain optimal exposure of the brand, so much so that even the darts are customized for the brand.

Mechanisms : Branded promotional products, Corporate promotions, Personalized promotional gifts, Promotional Products, Sports promotional items

Other projects : Marquees

Great for events and beer festivals. They are easy to set up and also allows great brand exposure with a big logo printed on the marquee.

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