Here is an interesting and fun drinking hat promotion perfect for nights out, stag does, hen does and even out door summer events. This product is great as a quirky customisable gift for trade shows or music festivals and is perfect for targeting a young audience.

These products would be perfect for alcoholic companies such as Budweiser and Fosters to increase their brand awareness and engagement with long term customers.

Drinking Hat Promotion for Special Events

Drinking Hat Promotion for Special Events

How This drinking Hat Promotion Can Be Used With Your Brand

Product Promotion – With the drink holders the hat provides useful product placement for your companies products, presenting the brand to potential customers.

Logo Placement – The flexibility of custom branding on the hat, it offers a great opportunity for your name to be noticed. Backed by the uniqueness of the drinking hat itself, it will make your brand memorable.

Advertising – As it will be situated on top of the customers head it will easily stand above the crowed drawing attention to your logo. With the use of a quote with your brand, or just the branding itself on the hat, it is easily displayed to anyone passing by.

Drinking Hat Promotion for Special Events

Drinking Hat Promotion for Special Events

Here at ODM we think this is a fun product that will be suitable for the up and coming festival season. If you are interested in getting your brand name out there through a promotional product then contact us today for a quote. We also have an in house design team, Mindsparkz, who can offer a range of creative ideas to help progress your marketing.

If you are interested in this specific product please reference ODM – 666 when speaking to our sales team.

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