Maintaining hygiene is important to help protect yourself from germs and bacterias. One way to do that is to constantly wash your hands. However, there might not be a sink everywhere we go. So how do we continue keeping ourselves germ-free?  Not only is Hand Sanitizer Spray Pens the ideal giveaway during the pandemic season, but they also let your customers know that you care!

Why do Hand Sanitizer Spray Pens make great promotional gifts?


The pen serves a 2-in-1 purpose. It provides customers with a means of cleaning their hands and a writing utensil at the same time. It is extremely handy at functions like trade shows, as you would need to shake hands with many participants.


It can be easily attached to any pockets, handbags or briefcase. Therefore, you would no longer forget to bring your hand sanitizer with you.  In addition, you will only need to carry a small volume of it, rather than carrying a bulky bottle with you!



This is the perfect custom product for you. You can choose the color and style you want. You can also have your brand or company name printed onto the pen. Hence, could help with getting more brand exposure.

More details on the product:

  • Able to contain 5ml of hand sanitizer
  • A printing area for logos
  • Variety of colours
  • pen: 0.5mm blue ballpoint

How can ODM help?

Contact ODM today to find out about more unique products like this. We can cater to your needs and create your desired custom promotional product. Our product designers will provide you with multiple fun and interesting ideas for you to wow your audience. The specialists here will be able to assist you every step of the process and ensure a pleasant experience.


Why hand sanitizers spray pens as promotional products?

They are really unique and they serve a two-in-one purpose! It is a convenient way to carry your hand sanitizer.

Is it expensive to produce?

No, they are very cost-effective to make!

Could I have my company logo printed on the pen?

Yes, you can! They are customisable.

How much liquid can it carry?

It can carry 5ml of sanitizer.


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