It is always a good idea to give pens as a promotional gift. ODM gets lots of orders for these – A fun advertisment_pen1pen which has a roll up banner inside and can display messages on both sides, perfect for advertisements and information.

What’s more, it makes it easier for the consumer to find information on your company just by pulling the banner out from the pen. Several messages can also be printed in full colour. Other details include:

  • Banner size 6.3” X 2.7” – Retracts Into The Pen
  • Printing can be done on one or both sides
  • Many colours to choose from
  • Ink colour for the pen can be either blue or blackBannerkeyring

The Banner key ring is another alternative to the Banner Pen- only difference is the pen.  It is cheaper to make and great giveaway for sports events where customers need to reference timetables for different matches.

With that aside, ODM also has innovated a similar product comparable to the banner pen- Pen Fan. Bluepenfan

Instead of a scroll banner, this innovative product opens up with sufficient advertising space, but at the same time, can be used as a fan. With the aim to deliver superior quality products to our clients, and for reference have shown the improvements we have already been made to the mould.

Above are a few cost effective methods for leaving a long lasting impression on your potential clients.