So many business establishments have temporarily closed their doors because of COVID 19. However, lately, some parts of the world are easing quarantine measures to allow businesses to operate once again. As such, we need to make sure that our efforts to contain the virus will not go to waste. One of the best ways to create a safe space for employees and customers is by having a hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk installed in strategic corners of your store, offices, gyms, restaurants, and public establishment.

Hand Sanitizer Digital Signage Kiosk

Hand Sanitizer Digital Signage Kiosk

With COVID 19 affecting our lifestyle, hand sanitizers have become an important part of our everyday routines. This is also why many companies have installed sanitizer dispensers in key areas of their stores. However, some people are afraid of getting the virus by touching the buttons of dispensers. So, we have come up with a smart solution!

A hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk is an innovative sanitizer and POS display all rolled into one. It is contactless, which means it dispenses sanitizer or soap automatically when an object comes close to the sensing device. So, no need to press any buttons!

Here are the features of this hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk:


Features of Hand Sanitizer Digital Signage Kiosk

Automatic and Contactless: Thanks to infrared technology, anyone can use this dispenser without touching any buttons to dispense sanitizer or soap.

Digital LCD Display: The LCD display allows business owners to play public service announcements or advertise other products and services.

Built-In Camera with Thermometer Function– With this additional function, you can easily monitor the temperature of anyone who enters the store.

Wifi-Ready– This allows you to monitor and change the content of your kiosk remotely.

Plastic Drip Tray– No need to worry about messy floors after using the dispenser. The plastic drip tray collects all the excess liquids, thereby keeping floors clean and sanitary.



Remote Content Management: Because the kiosk is wi-fi ready, you can change the content wherever you are, at any time of the day. You can play videos, display photos, or even play music through the display. Information dissemination and access to personal hygiene products will help in keeping people informed and safe.

Application: The kiosk can be wall-mounted or placed on a stand. As it is very portable and mobile, you can position them anywhere inside the store or office. The best place to put this is near the store entrance, at the reception desk, at the check out counter, and restrooms. Restaurants, bars, hotels, airports, and hospitals will surely benefit from this innovative device.

Hand Sanitizer Digital Signage Kiosk

Hand Sanitizer Digital Signage Kiosk

Cost-Effective Advertising– Our hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk is a cost-effective way to protect people while also advertising your company. You can even change your content anytime at a quarter of the cost of billboards and TV ads.

Protection– We like this POS display as this is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also informative and offers unlimited protection to many people. You can play videos teaching people how to wash their hands properly, the importance of social distancing, and even tips on how to boost their immune system during this pandemic. There are so many ways to customize the content as well as the look of your kiosk.


To sum up…

Personal hygiene is important now more than ever. Frequent hand washing and sanitizing are crucial to keep germs and viruses away. Business owners, too, should be proactive in protecting their customers and employees. When people see that we take good care of our customers and employees, they will feel safe and secure. And with security comes loyalty and customer satisfaction.


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