April 22 is Earth Day. This year’s theme is “Climate Action,” which is very timely since much of the products we use everyday can have a negative effect on our environment. Here, at ODM, we work hard to provide clients with custom eco-friendly products for their business. Some of our favorite projects include sustainable packaging and alternatives to disposable cutlery and single-use plastic. In celebration of Earth Day 2020, we listed down some of our favorite Earth Day Promotional Items below:

Earth Day Promotional Items

Earth Day Promotional Items

Top 10 Earth Day Promotional Items

Offering green marketing gifts and using eco-friendly packaging are important steps to change consumer behavior and market trends.

1.Metal Straws

Every year hundreds of thousands of plastic straws are washed away into our oceans and this could seriously damage the marine ecosystem. Restaurants and bars should make an effort in creating a cleaner environment by offering reusable straws instead of plastic ones. These metal straws make a great alternative because they are washable and reusable. They also come with a mini brush to clean the inside. If interested, quote product code ODM-2215 when contacting our team.

Earth Day Promotional Items - Metal Straws

Earth Day Promotional Items – Metal Straws


2.  Bamboo Tumbler

More than 8 million tons of plastic are washed to the ocean each year. However, we can help minimize this number by using reusable beverage containers such as this bamboo tumbler with tea strainer. Since bamboo is a fast-growing plant, this tumbler is sustainable and eco-friendly. If you like this product, contact ODM. ODM-2588 is the product code.

Earth Day Promotional Items - Bamboo Tumbler

Earth Day Promotional Items – Bamboo Tumbler


3.  Silicone Straws

Like metal straws, silicone straws are a great way to encourage people to opt for more eco-friendly products. What can a reusable silicone straw do for our environment? It helps in minimizing plastic trash pollution by reducing the need for plastic straws and offering an alternative that can be used over and over again. What we like about this product is the ability to be customized for brand campaigns. It comes with a brush and a capsule container to easily store the straws. Great as a corporate gift for clients or gift with purchase, this product will take your branding to a whole new level! Contact us and quote product code ODM-2382 for more information about the product.

Earth Day Promotional Items - Silicone Straws

Earth Day Promotional Items – Silicone Straws


4.  Promotional Eco Bag Made from Paper

If you are marketing to a large segment of customers with diverse personal preferences, a Promotional Eco Bag is a great way to connect with them. You can tailor them to fit their needs; for instance, duffel bags for people with an active lifestyle, backpack for students, and tote bags for the beauty sector. Quote product code ODM-2641 to know more about how we can help you create such a product!

Earth Day Promotional Items - Paper Bag

Earth Day Promotional Items – Paper Bag


5. Eco-friendly Promotional Bags

Bags are effective marketing gifts because people will surely use them. Furthermore, people bring them wherever they go, thereby ensuring maximum visibility. This ensures that your message will reach your target audience. If you like this product, send us an email and quote product code ODM-2395 to learn more about it.

Earth Day Promotional Items - Eco-friendly Promotional Bags

Earth Day Promotional Items – Eco-friendly Bags


6. Custom Cork Products

We included cork-based products in this list of Earth Day promotional items because cork is sustainable, cost-effective, and 100% recyclable. Cork is a fantastic material to work with and is very flexible. Considering its sustainability and durability, it is an excellent alternative to leather. Ready to customize custom cork products for your next campaign? Send us an email and reference product code ODM-2064 to learn more about it.

Earth Day Promotional Items- Cork Products

Earth Day Promotional Items- Cork Products


7. Promotional Recycled Pens

Pens may be one of the most widely used marketing gifts in the retail sector. However, as the tubes are almost always made from plastic, they might not be the most eco-friendly item to gift your customers. That is why we are offering these recycled pens. You have a lot of options to choose from: cork, bamboo, paper, and corn. If you like this product, send us an inquiry for product code ODM-2773.

Earth Day Promotional Items - Recycled Pens

Earth Day Promotional Items – Recycled Pens


8. Custom Solar Umbrella

There is no better way to make your business eco-friendly than investing in a custom solar umbrella. This is ideal for restaurants, pubs, outdoor advertising, and coffee shops. It has a port for charging electronic devices, so this is really convenient for customers looking for a place to relax and recharge their devices at the same time. It uses solar power, which makes it a sustainable marketing tool for people looking to boost their brand image. Do you like this product? Send an inquiry for product code ODM-2549.

Earth Day Promotional Items- Custom Solar Umbrella-

Earth Day Promotional Items- Custom Solar Umbrella


9. Wheat Straw Promotional Products

Before, leftover stalks of wheat are thrown away. But now, people have found a way to recycle it. Wheat straw is now being transformed into fashionable bags, slippers, wallets, and other fashion accessories. Recycling this by-product gives manufacturers a good and affordable raw material while also minimizing their carbon footprint. If you want to learn more about our wheat straw products, email us, and quote product code ODM-2759 for reference.

Earth Day Promotional Items - Wheat Straw Products

Earth Day Promotional Items – Wheat Straw Products


10. Cork-Based Smartphone Cases

Smartphone cases offer a creative place for branding. As smartphone owners often use them as an extension of their creative expression, it is important that they are personalized. However, it is also important to ensure that your branding is not compromised. Case in point: these cork-based smartphone cases. They are customizable and affordable on top of being eco-friendly.

Earth Day Promotional Items - Cork Cases

Earth Day Promotional Items – Cork Cases


Sustainability has been a pressing issue in the retail industry. From packaging to manufacturing practices, to fashion and fast food, we cannot deny the impact businesses have on the environment.

There are many reasons to join the green bandwagon. One of the benefits is environmental preservation. By opting for eco-friendly and sustainable materials, we minimize the use of depleting resources and thus, reduce our carbon footprint. But most importantly, business owners are also given a chance to reinvent their companies. Below are eco-friendly packaging options for businesses.


Eco-Friendly Packaging Options

Sugar Cane Packaging – It is high time to ditch single-use plastic, styrofoam packaging, and all synthetic non-biodegradable packaging materials.


Rice Husk Packaging – What is “Rice Husk Packaging”? Should your company use it? This blog will explain why you should be investing in this type of packaging.


Bio Pet Packaging – What is Bio-PET and how is it different from plastic? This blog will explain what makes it a great packaging solution.


Cornstarch Packaging – You should check out this innovative packaging idea. these packaging examples are made out of cornstarch and are biodegradable.

Bamboo is abundant in Asia and it does not require much care to grow. It is a sustainable and durable packaging material that companies should consider using for their future projects.


Contact ODM

Should you need help manufacturing Earth Day Promotional Items and other eco-friendly marketing gifts, do not hesitate to contact ODM. We can help you with designing and sourcing promotional green products for your business.

Send us an email to know more about our eco-friendly promotional products. We specialize in product sourcing and design. While most of our projects revolve around custom promotional merchandise, we also help in designing high-end POS displays and brand packaging design. Get in touch with our team today!


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