When you’re at the check out counter at the grocery store or supermarket, a question that you may be commonly asked is : “Paper or plastic?” You may have your reasons for whichever option you choose. However, the better option would be: a branded eco-friendly bags.

Recently, there has been a push for customers to bring their own reusable shopping bags as more people are becoming more conscious about their impact on the environment. Single use plastic bags are one one of the biggest contributors to ocean and land pollution.

Reusable bags can help minimise the harmful effects of plastic bags on the environment. With more and more companies banning single-use plastic bags, the demand for reusable shopping bags will definitely increase. Aside from reusable bags, biodegradable bags and compostable packaging are fast becoming a popular nowadays.

Take a look at this custom eco friendly bags called “Bags for life” by Tesco, a large British supermarket chain.

branded eco friendly bags

Save the Earth with Branded Eco-friendly Bags!

To encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags, Tesco replaced plastic bags with their “Bags for life.” Customers whose bags are broken or spoilt can even get them replaced for free. What’s great is that the proceeds will towards supporting local projects in Britain. These projects include community events and improving outdoor spaces and buildings for people.


Here are the reasons why you should use reusable shopping bags:

  • Eco-friendly: Plastic bags are a big curse to the environment because they contribute greatly to plastic pollution. The effects to the environment are devastating as they harm wildlife and contaminate oceans. Hence, ditch those plastic bags and switch to using reusable bags! Being a company that is recognised for being environmentally-friendly leads to greater brand appeal and also increases customer loyalty.


  • Practical: As these bags are reusable, they can be used repeatedly. They can be used at supermarkets and malls. They can also be used for many other purposes such as packing food and storing books during your library visit.


  • Affordable: They are fairly inexpensive at 10p per bag, making them a good incentive for customers to purchase the product. In addition, many supermarkets worldwide are beginning to charge customers for the use of plastic bags. While this may not cost a lot, it will eventually add up. Some retail stores even offer a small discount when you bring your own shopping bag. Thus, purchasing and using a reusable shopping bag can help customers save a lot.


  • Customisable: There are many ways to customize the bags. Companies can print their name, logo, marketing message or whatever they see fit onto the bag. Thus, this increases brand awareness and visibility when customers look at their custom reusable bags. Therefore, this makes a great promotional merchandise idea for retailers and brand managers.


  • Durable: Unlike flimsy plastic bags, reusable bags are more durable and are able to carry more items. It also means that the chances of your reusable bag tearing or breaking apart are lower due to the material being of higher quality.


  • Brand Visibility: When customers use their reusable bags, be it at the supermarket or mall, they are exposing your brand to many people. As a result, potential clients will certainly notice your company brand, logo, or marketing message thereby increasing increasing brand awareness.

branded eco friendly bags

Save the Earth with Branded Eco-friendly Bags!

How can you improve your existing reusable bag?

  • Reflective feature: This feature is especially useful during the night as it is dark. Thus, the reflective feature ensures greater visibility and that you can be seen from afar. This also helps to minimise the number of road accidents as drivers will be able to slow down before any accidents occur. Thus, this feature is worth considering to incorporate into your design to provide additional safety to your customers. It also allows customers to receive greater perceived value of the product.

branded eco friendly bags

Save the Earth with Branded Eco-friendly Bags!

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