We spotted these eye-catching inflatable displays by Honda at a shopping mall in the Philippines. Using inflatables was a smart move as they not only added an interesting visual element but they also served as a point of sale for the brand.

Inflatable Display

Inflatable Display

Inflatable POS displays are easy to set-up, unique, and visually appealing, which explains their frequent use in outdoor marketing. Furthermore, they are durable and can withstand rain and heat. Automotive industries and beverage companies usually customize these marketing POS displays for trade shows. But this is also great for in-store promotions. Just take a look at Honda’s example.


Why Inflatable Display?

1. Command Attention

With this huge inflatable display, they can even be seen from above, making the Honda booth easy to locate. The striking bright red color of the displays also allowed us to distinguish them. As these displays are attention-grabbing, customers would definitely come to their stall to check out their merchandise.


2. Visual Appeal

The red inflatable posts add an interesting visual appeal and texture to the whole set up. The large branding across the columns is easily recognizable, therefore it can tremendously increase their visibility inside the busy shopping mall. Honda managed to keep it simple while maintaining a professional look.


Inflatable Display

Inflatable Display

3. Increase Sales

Having a huge inflatable display is a great way to inform people of your ongoing promotions. Thus, this could attract people who are planning to purchase a motorbike or a car. Even if you are not in the automotive industry, having such promotional display could help direct your customers’ attention towards your products.


4. Can be taken anywhere

What’s great about inflatable displays is that they are extremely versatile and can be taken anywhere. You can set them up outdoors or inside your store premises, and they can be easily installed and packed up. Hence, this versatility makes them a marketing manager’s favorite advertising tool. You can use them for sports events, music fests, trade shows, and even charity events.


5. Cost-Effective

It’s one of the most inexpensive yet flexible advertising materials which is why this is among merchandisers’ top choice for outdoor advertising. As this can be used repeatedly just about anywhere, you can be sure that you are getting the most of your marketing budget.


For more inspirations, here are brands that had previous success in using advertising inflatable displays:

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