Inflatable Displays with Countdown are a wonderful example of cost efficient and highly modular advertising.  Light-weight and easy to transport, they offer so much visibility for brands looking to get their message out to passers by.

We like this Christmas POS display with a count down clock (ODM-1558).  You could use this type of function on many different mascots or bodies.

Promo Idea: Inflatable Display with Countdown

Promo Idea: Inflatable Display with Countdown

Football or any other sports teams could use these to drive ticket sales with big displays around town counting down the time to start of season.  All other music, sporting or big events could use this mechanism.

There are other religious festivals, National Day Holidays, awareness days that could also plug in.   Check out our blog links to some awareness days which are often major charity drives….

Come Together Charity Music Festival 2014

A few ideas for upcoming Valentine’s Day

Promo Idea: Inflatable Display with Countdown

Promo Idea: Inflatable Display with Countdown

Gas stations or supermarkets could use these POS displays to give count down if there is a promotion that is running out.   I am thinking of the collectible stamps that are so popular.   Collect 1 stamp for every US$10 you spend.  Redeem this for prizes.   Check out some examples of this type of promotion here…

FAIR or NOT FAIR, your turn to choose with these customized stamps

Loyalty Stamps Promo Campaign HK

Jadeco GWP – Travel Stamps

Paddington Bear: DWP Promotional Campaign

7-Eleven Marvel heroes and Disney Pixar characters promo figurines

Make any shape or form of Inflatable Displays with Countdown you might like for your promotion. With a low MOQ our factory is able to help you find the right shape, colours and materials to match your budget.

Promo Idea: Inflatable Display with Countdown

Promo Idea: Inflatable Display with Countdown

Consider also adding other items like weights to the base or LED lighting to make the display stand out more. ODM can also make other styles of count down timers.   Check out these examples from recent posts on our blog.

Sand Timer.

Countdown Clock

Household Promo Gifts – Custom Kitchen Timers

What other alternatives are there to Inflatable Display with Countdown?

You might also like to have a display with a count up.   Number of clients serviced always increasing is 1 example.   You could have number of tourists to a museum or number of likes on Facebook.

A simple display would just be to educate clients and give them the time.  You might also want to give clients the temperature, but will need to be careful that this is not greatly impacted by sun on the inflatables.

What other options would you consider?   How could you make this more interactive.  You could also have interactive displays that will post messages with a Twitter Hashtag, but there are high risks with this option and you need a wifi connection.

Send us pictures of your favourite displays and we will be sure to promote, comment and add to our blogs.