One of the best ways to create a sense of urgency in your promotions is by using a custom countdown clock. This is perfect for sports promotions, event marketing, as well as introducing new products to the market.

Custom Countdown Clock

Custom Countdown Clock

This clock is battery operated with plastic casing. The color can be customized to match your brand or theme. There is also an ample space print your logo. Perfect for tabletops and shelves, these countdown clocks are portable so customers can carry them around or display them at the reception, office, school, hospital, and stores. This is battery-operated, eliminating wires that could cause electrical and tripping hazard. But if you want something that are wired to minimize battery usage, speak with your manufacturer to know your options.

Custom Countdown Clock

Custom Countdown Clock

There are also countdown clocks that are as small as a credit card- ideal for corporate events and discount offers. The slim design allows the recipients to keep the clock inside their bag pockets or wallets.

Using a custom countdown clock in your in-store marketing campaigns can push customers to purchase whatever product you are selling before they ran out of time. Marketing managers can either place them on the counter or use them as part of their custom POS display. Doing so helps increase conversion rates. How? Here’s how a custom countdown clock can help your brand promotions.


Surprising Ways a Custom Countdown Clock Can Improve Your Promotions

  • Excites Customers: Are you holding a special sale in observance of a special holiday? Using a countdown clock allows your customers to see how long they have to wait until your product launch. This builds up excitement ahead of the event as it appeals to people’s “fear of missing out.” Take a look at this inflatable POS display with countdown timer. It’s perfect because it’s modular and can be moved around inside the store. The inflatable mascot also adds a festive vibe. Why not make a massive inflatable POS display with huge countdown clock for large-scale events to hype up your target audience?


  • Perfect for Sports Promotions: Sports teams can use this custom branded countdown clock to stimulate ticket sales as customers count down the time before the start of the season. You may also use it during the game to keep track of time in basketball and football. Here’s a fantastic example you need to check out. This may not be a countdown clock, but this shows that you can work your design around sports-related items to maximize your brand exposure.
  • Raise Awareness on Charity Events: Make your advocacy known to your community by adding this custom countdown clock to your marketing mix. For instance, installing a countdown timer to your outdoor displays, partner stores, and establishments to prompt people to act. If you’re holding a concert for a cause, bazaar, or fund raising events, the countdown clock will push people to participate before the time runs out.
  • Raise Sales: Creating a sense of urgency can even raise in-store sales. This is especially true when you’re offering great discounts. Knowing when your store will go on sale allows customers to save more in order to score great deals. As such, customers will be compelled to buy more than they need because they don’t know when the next sale will be.

This custom countdown clock is definitely a versatile promotional item. When used right, this promotional idea will not only raise your brand visibility but will also prompt customers to act while supplies last.


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