If you are looking for unique ways to enhance your brand position in the market, consider using an outdoor marketing display that’s custom made for your company. Outdoor advertising displays are ideal for trade show marketing and street promotions. Here’s a fantastic example from El Bandarra.

This picture was taken at Imbibe drinks show in London. El Bandarra used a large party fountain to showcase their drinks. Vermut fountain looks great and surely impressed guests during the fare. Atop the huge fountain is a cutout of Red Vermouth and on the base are bottles of Red and White Vermouth. According to their website, they have fountains for rent to ensure better drinking experience. As such, using their fountain as a POS display during the trade fair is a smart move. It not only impressed customers but it also is a great way to let customers know of their services.

Outdoor Marketing Display

Outdoor Marketing Display


Outdoor Marketing Display: How To Enhance Brand Positioning?

  • Draw In The Crowds! – First of all, research the place. Trade fairs are a perfect place to promote your company and what better way to draw in the crowds than having an eye catching merchandising POS display to showcase your products?
  • Play With Colors – Pick bright colours that can easily grab customer attention. Something unusual, like this Vermouth fountain could stir curiosity. Trade show visitors would be asking if they can get a cup of drink from their fountain. And that would keep them interested in the brand. Here, El Banderra had used red for their fountain. Not only did it stand out, it also reflects the vibrant Mediterranean culture.
Outdoor Marketing Display

Outdoor Marketing Display

  • Use all Possible POS Display: Aside from using a large fountain, they also incorporated a branded portable bar. The side opens up and serves as a signage to stimulate more traffic for their booth. They also used branded chairs for this promotional strategy. El Bandarra did a great job maximizing their exposure by keeping their brands visible in their fountain, chairs, and pop up booth.
  • Keep It Fun! – The use of a fountain and portable bar add a fun and youthful vibe which attracted a lot of young people. Their outdoor marketing display is certainly one of the best we have see so far.



One of the benefits of using an outdoor marketing display is that is highly customisable. When you customise large products with your logo you really stand out to your customers! Thesi kind of promotion provides joyful communal areas and relaxing space for your customers. As a result, many will immediately recognise your brand!


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