Branded promotional toys are a fun and interesting way of drawing attention and interest to your marketing campaign.

McDonald’s has a special option its menu for kids and young children – the Happy Meal! It consists of food items and a promotional toy. The toy is usually part of a marketing campaign to support a movie or television show.

The Happy Meal contains a main item, a side item, a drink and a promotional toy. Its target audience is kids and young children.

branded promotional toys

4 Ways Branded Promotional Toys can Enhance your Marketing!

The current promotional toys available are from the Snoopy television series. The name of this promotion is “2019 Snoopy X NASA Happy Meal”. It features different toys such as “Moon Walker”, “Rocket Ride”, “Space Buggy”,”Take Off Launcher”, etc.  Kids will definitely enjoy this promotion where they can join Astronaut Snoopy on his NASA adventures!

Next, Burger King has a similar offer. In 2018, they had a promotion for their kids meal. The toys were from a TV series called “Rabbids Invasion”.

branded promotional toys

4 Ways Branded Promotional Toys can Enhance your Marketing!

Customers can redeem these promotional gifts when they purchase a Happy Meal from McDonald’s or a kids meal from Burger King.

So, how can a promotional toy boost your branding and advertising?


What we love about these Custom Promotional Toys:

  • Greater Brand Value: Offering a promotional toy with every purchase of a kid’s meal increases the perceived value of your brand. Customers will feel that they are receiving and benefiting more from their purchase. Therefore, this leads to greater customer satisfaction and happiness.
  • Brand Recognition: As the free promotional toy is a staple that comes together with every purchase of a kid’s meal, it helps to reinforce brand recognition. Customers will recognise this as part of the brand’s offering. Thus, it also helps in easier brand recall as customers are familiar with this offer.
  • Pester Power: As this promotion is targeted at kids and young children, pester power is present. Kids may persuade their parents to purchase the kid’s meals in order to obtain the promotional toy. Thus, they are able to influence their parents’ purchase decisions. This can encourage increased sales which will boost your brand’s performance.
  • Well-Displayed Samples: Samples of the toys are well displayed in an enclosed space. This customized POP display allows customers to see and know what they will be receiving. This allows them to obtain more details and helps them in making more informed purchase decisions.


branded promotional toys

4 Ways Branded Promotional Toys can Enhance your Marketing!

In Conclusion…

With so many benefits of branded promotional toys, it is definitely a fantastic promotional and advertising tool. As long as your promotional products are well planned and designed, you can definitely boost your brand’s image and exposure!

We Can Help…

At ODM, we believe that branded promotional toys are a great marketing tool that can reap many benefits. We have many years of experience in designing, sourcing and manufacturing promotional items. In addition, we have a dedicated team of in-house product designers ready to fulfill your design requests. If you are interested in creating your very own branded promotional toy, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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