Our team could not pass up on the chance to see these cactus-shaped glassware up close at the trade fair. We like every tiny details in these unique pieces of glassware- from the choice of color to the embossed designs in the body of each container. These pieces of custom glassware will make great packaging ideas as well as a special offer gwp.

Custom Glassware

Custom Glassware

We spotted mason jars in the shape of a cactus complete with cactus lid, green straw, and straw marker. There are custom shaped bottles, too. So, if you are feeling adventurous and would like something different for your business, then these cactus-shaped glasses, bottles, and jugs will surely to add a “fun factor” to your promotions.

They offer great opportunities for marketers to be creative in their marketing. Most importantly, they are an easy way to get your brand into the hands of your customers. Here are the reasons you need


Features and Benefits:

1. Bespoke Shape

These pieces of glassware in the shape of cactus are really fascinating. The little details on the customized drinkware added excellent texture. The lid of each mason jar has tiny cactus prints to match the drinkware.


2. Wide Range of Styles

We have bottles in the shape of cactus, water jug, mugs, and smaller drinking glasses. This means they can be used for various purposes. The bottles with pressure stopper would be great for promoting drinks and condiments such as ketchup, vinegar, and sauces. The mason jars and drinking cups would be perfect for coffee shops and restaurants.

Custom Glassware

Custom Glassware

3. Relaxing Colors

All the pieces come in leafy green color and are really relaxing to look at. However, the colors can also be matched to your preferences.


4. Cute Accessories

The mason jars also come with free straws and custom shaped straw markers. These custom drink accessories add a distinctive character to your custom glassware. Aside from cactus, you may want to consider having cute characters such as animals or your own brand mascot.

Custom Glassware

Custom Glassware

5. Fun Designs

These pieces of custom glassware would suit any event or promotions. Perfect for themed parties and seasonal promotions such as summer promos, these custom promotional merchandise would surely get customers talking about your brand.


6. High Functionality

These custom moulded cactus glassware can be used for both cold and hot drinks, which is why they should be included in your coffee shop ambassadors kit.


7. Repeat Exposure

Customers are likely to keep branded mugs and virtually any type of promotional drinkware because they are extremely useful. They stay with your target audience long enough to drive your marketing message.


8. Positive Brand Association

These cute custom glassware can be branded to make it an exclusive merchandise from your company. A custom logo glassware can be as effective as print ads and TV when it comes to advertising. More so if the promotional drinkware has a remarkable design.


9. Mass Appeal

These cactus shaped drinking glasses, bottles, and jug appeals to a wide range of consumers: restaurant and bar owners, teenagers, parents, and companies. Business owners may want to put together a glassware gift set with these cactus glassware to augment their gift with purchase promotion.


Functionality, design appeal, and flexibility- these are the factors that make this custom glassware a fantastic marketing medium. Since these products are commonly used as promotional products, business owners are now looking for ways to stand out. That is why there is always a demand for such bespoke drinkware.


Why Work with ODM?

The ODM Group has extensive knowledge in the promotional product industry. We can help you create excellent glass-based merchandise for your business. We work closely with factories and conduct stringent quality control to ensure high-quality output.

If you are interested in this custom glassware with product code, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team right away.

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