Spotted at a grocery store in China, Lindemans is offering customers a free drinking glass as an on-pack gift together with four bottles of wine. Offering a custom printed glassware as a form of incentive is a strategy many drink companies has done before. However, this promotion still stood out to us.

Custom Printed Glassware

Custom Printed Glassware

Lindemans has been in the wine industry for more than 170 years and is enjoyed in more than 100 countries all around the world. As thanks to their customers’ continued support

Shoppers can get a free custom logo glassware when they buy Lindemans wine set. What stood out to us is the simplicity of the print because it lends a vintage appeal, which befits wine products. Practical and really easy to implement, a glassware promotion is a tried and tested marketing tactic that drives revenues and unplanned purchases.


Why Custom Printed Glassware Make Great Impact?

Practical Value: Practical items are impactful. Using them every day exposes the brand to customers. Furthermore, shoppers are likely to keep practical items than decorative ones. The glass practically invites shoppers to buy the set and have a drink in the comfort of their homes.

Low-Cost Branding: What makes custom printed glassware a useful advertising tool is that it is cost-efficient but it gains you massive ROI. Wine glass manufacture in China is relatively inexpensive. The price for an MOQ of 1000 pieces, with simple plain designs, can range anywhere from less than a dollar to 1.5 USD apiece.

Custom Printed Glassware

Custom Printed Glassware

If you want to know more about acertain product’s MOQ in China, find a buying agent in China to help you make the most out of your marketing budget.

Spark Conversations: Often, when we drink with friends and family, we notice the glassware they use. Beautiful glassware can be a conversation starter at parties. So having your brand printed on the glass could somehow drive the attention of customers to your brand.

Positive Brand Association: Leaving a positive impact is what we, as business owners strive so hard to achieve. A GWP or giveaway glassware can make your customers feel as if they are getting more than they bargained for. As a result, they will eventually associate your brand with cool gifts.

Universal Giveaway ItemAs mentioned, branded drinking glasses are the go-to promo item by many beverage companies. The ability to be customized is what makes them a great gift no matter the occasion.

Touch Level Marketing

While eye level is the ideal shelf placement, touch level is also a strategic position to market wine. Great placement allows Lindemans to appeal to their target customers. As this is within their reach, it makes it easy for them to grab a box or two.

Custom Printed Glassware

Custom Printed Glassware

Possible Improvements

Are you thinking of offering custom printed glassware for your next drinks promotion? Whether you are marketing wine, beer, or whiskey, we have a few suggestions on how you can use a promo drinking glass to make a stronger impact!

1. Keep it Fresh!

There are many types of glassware for different drinks. So, consider offering different glassware every time you have a new on-pack campaign. Or better yet, make a collectible promotion to keep customers coming for more!

2. Put Together a Gift Set

An on-pack promotion is a great opportunity to offer a gift set to your customers. although customers would surely be happy with receiving logo glassware, they will be happier for sure to receive more than one gift item for free! The gift set should include only the essentials so that it would still be affordable for the customers. We suggest to include a custom corkscrew and a wine stopper. Check out this blog to find out more items to use for your gift set:


3. Consider Stainless Steel Glasses

Stainless steel glassware is gaining popularity due to its durability and of course aesthetic appeal. They make great on-pack gifts because they do not break easily. Check this blog out to learn more!



Where Does ODM Come In?

Do you see your brand being advertised on custom printed glassware? Then, do not hesitate to get in touch with The ODM Group. With years of experience in the drink industry, you can rely on us for high-quality and effective promotional items tailored for your business.

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