Roam around the airport and you will see so many high-end products that compete for your attention. But you will notice that the products that have creative packaging design are the ones that really turn heads.

We know how lucrative the travel retail industry is with luxury products driving the most sales. Perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, alcoholic drinks, and tobacco are the primary products that drive revenue for airports and airlines. However, many countries have strict laws on tobacco marketing and advertising. As such, promoting tobacco products is a bit tricky.

When promoting cigarettes, it is extremely important to caution your audience about its negative effects on the body. This is what Davidoff did in their exclusive Snapshot Edition.

Creative Product Packaging

Creative Product Packaging

Davidoff is a company that produces a high-quality line of cigarettes and fashion accessories. They recently released their Snapshot Edition to match their target market: travelers.

Souvenirs are popular among tourists and travelers. So, Davidoff’s decision to customize the packaging into something that customers can relate to is a very smart move.


Why This Creative Packaging Design Works?

Design is Suitable for the Travel Retail Industry- The concept is very unusual for a cigarette brand but it is very suitable for the travel retail industry. Since many tourists often bring their cameras whenever they travel, they will surely be able to relate to Davidoff’s packaging design. Because of the unique shape and design, they easily become a favorite souvenir or gift item.

Creative Product Packaging

Creative Product Packaging


Made from Durable Material Made from tin, this packaging is definitely durable. Not only does it make the item high-end looking but it also protects the product from moisture. It shows the work that goes into designing and making them, thereby upholding the quality of the brand.

Creative Product Packaging

Creative Product Packaging


Responsible Advertising: The camera-shape packaging has Hong Kong printed on the “lens,” showing that this was intended for their Hong Kong market and foreigners who would love to get a Hong Kong-themed gift for their loved ones back home. Then, you can see the health warning which takes up most of the space: “Smoking seriously harms you and others around you.” Since cigarette smoking is the number one cause of lung diseases, doing this is a great way to remind customers to smoke moderately and be considerate of others.


Premium Quality– Starting from the packaging material and the way it was encased in a glass case, one can see and feel that this is premium merchandise. Did you see how museums and exhibits keep valuable products in glass cases? Applying the same principle, it primes customers that the products are of high-quality and expensive.


Limited Edition- Packaging is also a valuable part of limited-edition products. This is why collectors take good care of the original packaging of their prized possessions.


Bringing it All Together…

Your packaging can make or break a product. If you want to step up in promoting your products in the travel retail industry, then a creative packaging design should be your top consideration.

And another important thing to remember when promoting tobacco products is to comply with the country’s existing laws on tobacco advertising. Many countries are discouraging cigarette smoking, hence the large health warning on the packaging.


Where Does ODM Come In?

If you need help with creating effective and creative packaging design for your marketing gifts and branded marketing merchandise, then get in touch with The ODM Group today. With years of experience in the promotional product industry, we are confident that we can help you design and source unique promotional merchandise and create high-quality product packaging designs for your business.


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