Best Promotional Items for Kids to Rocket Milk Powder Sales!

The FMCG food industry is a highly saturated market. No doubt brands are constantly rolling out interesting promotions to make their product stand out. Recently, we took a trip to a supermarket in Singapore to find out what are the best promotional items for kids.

Why These Promotional Items for Kids Are Effective?

Art Stencil Kit

best promotional items for kids

best promotional items for kids

This Art Stencil Kit by Abott Grow is a great promotional product. Firstly, the box shows that there are a variety of items in the kit ranging from color pencils to activity sheets. In addition, it allows for a large branding space on the box, where the brand placed their mascot the giraffe as well as their brand logo on it as well.  This will help create a sense of familiarity when parents keep the GWP in their house.

Lunch Bag

best promotional items for kids

best promotional items for kids

This adorable backpack is sure to turn heads at the supermarket. Pediasure‘s on-pack promotion involves a GWP of animal-themed lunch bags. This is a great promotional item as it is not only cute and will appeal to children. Its versatility allows for parents to store their child’s toys and clothes in the bag for on the go.

Digital Camera


best promotional items for kids

best promotional items for kids

Enfagrow released an on-pack promotion giving away a free kids digital camera with a purchase of 2 cans of milk powder. The use of a digital camera as a GWP was surprising, as most brands commonly give away milk bottles etc. However, using a GWP that is on the pricier side shows the value for money of the product. This would encourage parents to purchase their milk powder as it looks to be a better deal.

Fleece Blanket

best promotional items for kids

best promotional items for kids

This fleece blanket by Abott is definitely an eye-catching promotion. The use of a giraffe for the animal of choice is a great branding strategy as it is the mascot for their GROW milk powder line. This would create brand awareness and visibility at home, giving them a competitive edge over other brands.


Why do we like these Promotional Items?

Creativity and Variety

These promotional items for kids are creative and have a wide variety. Usually, with on pack promotions for milk powder, the GWP would either be milk bottles or milk powder. However, companies are now offering more practical and versatile items such as backpacks, digital cameras, art stencil kits, and even a fleece blanket. The options are endless! They also appeal to different ages of children, which would entice customers to buy it.

best promotional items for kids

best promotional items for kids

Boosts Sales

Promotional items are a surefire way to increase sales. Customers love receiving GWPs, it makes them feel valued and that the brand cares for their children. What makes these items even better are the variety- they appeal to a wider range of kids. From a kids’ digital camera to a fleece blanket, there is sure to be one that parents would want for their child.

Customer Loyalty

One of the best ways of keeping customer’s loyalty is to give them free items. By offering the best promotional items for kids, customers will feel like they are really getting value for their money.


When marketing to kids, keep in mind that novelty products are a surefire way to catch the attention of your target market. You are targeting two market segments here: kids and parents. The examples presented above work because they are not just unique, but they also offer solutions to their customers’ needs.


Our Overall Takeaways

In conclusion, having these promotional items for kids helps the brand to entice customers to purchase their products and in turn rocket their sales. Having a variety of different items as an on-pack gift with purchase can make your FMCG brand stand out from your competitors.

In this case, the best promotional items for kids are both practical and interesting. Having adorable animals on your promotional product is a plus, and it appeals to the younger audience. In addition, having a wide variety of items (digital camera, art stencil kit) that cater to the kids that are slightly older shows that your brand has a good understanding of the target market.

best promotional items for kids

best promotional items for kids

How can ODM Help?

If you’re marketing to kids through On Pack Promotion then feel free to contact us. We can help you design and source promotional products designed for a specific demographic. At ODM we specialise in promotional solutions to your ideas as well as providing excellent designs from our in-house designers and merchandisers. Contact ODM today to learn more about how we can help you with product sourcing and designing.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of using promotional items?

Businesses need promotional items to help reach out to potential customers and clients - it's just a fact. This is a very low-cost marketing method to help draw in new customers. You can find affordable and effective items that will catch people's attention and help draw in potential customers over time.

What is the perfect gift for a GWP promotion?

It depends on your industry, but always keep in mind to offer something useful for your consumers. A gift that will make consumers happy and allows you to create with them a deep relationship is always ideal. You can choose to offer a complimentary gift.

Do promotional items really work?

The majority of people who receive promotional products are more likely to have a favorable impression of the company that gave it to them. Thus, it helps boost brand awareness of the company.

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