The 13th of June is Gin Day and the 14th of  June is Bourbon Day! Let’s celebrate this day with Unique Drinking Glasses and other Bar promotional ideas!

Gin Day and Bourbon Day

Gin Day and Bourbon Day

Looking for creative bar promotion ideas? Look no further than this blog!

ODM has rich experience in custom promotional merchandise, with the drinks market being one of our strengths. The booming drinks market makes bars a popular hang out place for casual drinks or alcohol indulgence. In such a crowded market, how can bar businesses stand out among competitors?

This is why rolling out innovative bar promotion ideas are important. With so many bar promotion ideas out there, no one wants to use a hackneyed idea. Therefore, we propose offering uniquely designed drinking glasses for effective promo giveaways!

Bar promotion ideas

Bar Promotion Ideas: 3D Interior Design for Drinking Glass

Have your customers enticed as they glanced down into their drinks as they take their first sip!

Or, capture your customers’ attention right away with pop-out exterior designs on the drinking glasses, like the ones below!

Bar promotion ideas

Bar Promotion Ideas: 3D Exterior Design For Drinking Glass

Here’s Why Unique Drinking Glasses Make For Great Bar Promotion Ideas

  • Unique Appeal: The first step to making your brand stand out is to offer something uniquely yours. Hence, having unique drinking glasses designs will surely attract customers’ attention to your brand. Moreover, further, personalize the design to your brand so as to raise your brand recall. There are no limits to creativity!
  • Practical Appeal: They are definitely practical promo gifts for bar customers, because what is the most important thing for any bar? Glasses of course! Practical drinks promotional products like these tend to appeal more to customers because of their perceived added-value of being useful.
  • High-end Appeal: These drinking glasses can be made of glass. Glass products tend to appear high-end and of good quality. Having perceived the product to be high-quality, customers form a positive impression of your brand. This helps in boosting sales for your business.

Apart from drinking glasses, you can be creative with your wine and beer glasses’ designs as well.

Bar promotion ideas

Bar Promotion Ideas : Wine Glass

Don’t you find yourself wanting to pick up one of these wine glasses for a drink? I sure do.

Further provide customers with different beer experiences with different beer glass shapes!

Bar promotion ideas

Bar Promotion Ideas : Beer Glasses


How Can You Offer These Unique Drinking Glasses In Your Bar Promotions?

  • On-Pack Promotion: As glasses are complimentary to alcoholic drinks, bars business can consider offering them as a gift with purchase. This adds value to their alcoholic products, providing incentives for customers to purchase!

Check out the blog below to find out how glasses make for effective on-pack promotion!

  • Corporate gifts: It is typically hard to think of creative corporate gifts when it comes to rewarding your staff. That’s why these uniquely designed drinking glasses can be interesting corporate gifts for special occasions such as New Year. By rewarding staff with unique yet practical gifts, it can motivate them to work hard for the upcoming year.

Below is another premium corporate gift that is practical and interesting in its design for your inspiration!


Interested in unique drinking glasses for your customers? Send us an inquiry for product code 2287, 2288 for wine glass and 2289 for beer glass.

Besides unique promotional products, ODM can also help with creating custom retail packaging and POS display units for your business. Speak with our product designers at Mindsparkz or contact us today to find out how we can improve your next project.

Bartender Appreciation Day

bartender appreciation day


From this blog, we believe that these products can be used to thank bartender’s on the very special Bartender Appreciation Day. They can be used for bar promotions, bar giveaways and even alcohol launches and promotions. There are many ways these products can be used.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can I brand the drinking glasses?

Yes, you can. Some brands have done it in the past. You can brand the glasses with your company name or logo. Here at ODM, we have a dedicated team of working professionals who could help with making sure your drinking glasses are custom made in a way that is unique to your brand.

What other bar promotional ideas can I adopt?

The options are endless. If you go through some of the related blog posts, you will find some other options. But off the top of our head, asides drinking glasses, you can do promotional display stands, cocktail shakers and even include a good old on-pack promotion.