With winter coming to an end and summer soon arriving, you definitely want to be summer-ready with these funny ice cubes! These interesting ice cubes will allow you to enjoy nice chilly drinks while basking under the hot summer sun with your friends.

No drinking party is ever complete without ice cubes. So, better be ready with a bucket full of ice to keep drinks cold all throughout the day. However, gone are the days when your ice cubes are just “cubes.” You can spice up your drinks with custom-shaped ice cubes and make them more fun to drink. One of our favorites is the guitar-shaped ice cubes.


Guitar-Shaped Funny Ice Cubes

What we like about these colorful custom molds is that the “guitar neck” also serves as a drink stirrer. The stirrers also come in various colors so you can remember which glass is yours.

Custom Ice Moulds- Funny Ice Cubes

Custom Ice Mould- Funny Ice Cubes


What’s more, they are made from food-grade TPR-PP so you can be sure that the products are safe to use. TPR or thermoplastic rubber is a flexible material that combines the characteristics of plastic and rubber. Aside from guitars, there are also notes to decorate your drinks. As for branding, there are spaces on either side to print your logo on.

Custom Ice Moulds- Funny Ice Cubes

Custom Ice Mould- Funny Ice Cubes


Here’s how it should look like in your drinks. It is cute and edgy at the same time.

Custom Ice Moulds- Funny Ice Cubes

Custom Ice Mould- Funny Ice Cubes

Since summer is just around the corner, you should offer these products to your customers as a complimentary gift with purchase or even as an on-pack gift together with drink mixers and juice.

Another way to incorporate these guitar-shaped custom ice mould into your brand campaign is to use them for your bar and restaurants. The fun design will help brighten up your customers’ mood as they take a sip of their favorite cocktail drinks.

You can even offer these during music fests, where alcoholic drink companies and musicians team up for a massive outdoor concert. These kinds of events open up great opportunities for different brands to showcase their products.

How to Use them to Promote Your Brand

Aside from personal use, ice custom cube moulds are ideal for:


More Funny Ice Cube Ideas

Bullet Shaped Moulds

The time of regular ice cubes is over. Now it’s time to bring a touch of fun and joy to your glass with all these awesome shapes. As you can see from the photos, almost everything is possible with ice. From bullets, to diamonds to batteries. For sure, everybody will find a model that catches their attention.

Custom Ice Moulds- Funny Ice Cubes

Custom Ice Mould- Funny Ice Cubes


The nice thing about ice trays is the fact that they are forever reusable and quite inexpensive. They are made from food-grade plastic that is flexible enough to be fashioned into any shape you want.


Battery Shaped Moulds

During parties, we want our guests to have a fun time mingling with other people, correct? However, sometimes they need something to “break the ice.” What better way to start a conversation than offering drinks with these funny ice cubes. Below, we have battery shaped ones to “rev up” their energy.

Custom Ice Moulds- Funny Ice Cubes

Custom Ice Mould- Funny Ice Cubes


Ice Shot Glass

Ice cubes and ice cube trays are all a must-have, especially during summer. Everyone needs some ‘cool’ moments, right? Not only will they make your drinks taste better, but they also give you something fun to look at. In this example, the mold allows drinkers to make their own ice shot glasses. How cool is that?

Custom Ice Moulds- Funny Ice Cubes

Custom Ice Mould- Funny Ice Cubes


Gems and Precious Stones Mould

This item may be suitable for almost any kind of compant. You can even create your ice stray with your logo in 3D. Our designers can definitely help you in that aspect.

Custom Ice Moulds- Funny Ice Cubes

Custom Ice Mould- Funny Ice Cubes

Crystals and gemstones spell luxury, and you can have that in your drinks, too! Crystal and gems moulds will surely delight your guests and even customers. Drinks will look high-end as the crystal-shaped ice cubes add texture and aesthetic appeal.


Icicle Shape

Because this product is flat, inexpensive, and small, you can easily offer it as a gift with purchase or as an on-pack promo gift. Your customers will obviously be glad to receive that. Do not forget that it can be a good way to raise awareness about your brand at a very low cost. You will also be able to show your funny and unique side; that you are different from the others and that’s good!

Custom Ice Moulds- Funny Ice Cubes

Custom Ice Mould- Funny Ice Cubes

To Sum Up

Many companies will offer the same promotional product like yours. Do not be afraid to think out of the box! Custom ice moulds that can create funny ice cubes are a gift to remember. As people love to drink no matter what the occasion, they make excellent promotional products whole year-round.


Contact ODM

If you are looking for a sturdy, long-lasting, and inexpensive promotional product idea that you can offer all throughout the year, then these funny ice cubes are what you need! Contact the ODM Group to learn more about how we can help you come up with a unique and effective design that sells!

Aside from ice moulds, we can also help with other drinks-related promotional gifts such as custom jiggers, mixers, custom branded glasses, pitchers, beer mug, and such. Contact us today! If you like the guitar-shaped ice mould, send us an email and quote product code ODM-2955.

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