Custom drinking glasses are definitely a brand ambassador’s favorite drinks promotional product. This is because there are so many ways to customize and use them within your promotional campaign.

They are often used for drinks on-pack promotions because they complement the main selling product and are really useful even after the drinks have been finished. They remain one of the top marketing tools because they provide so much room for creativity as you can have a custom-designed glass at a low cost.

Here are some excellent examples we found at a grocery store in the Philippines. Here you will see different brands offering on-pack drinking glasses.

Custom Drinking Glasses

Custom Drinking Glasses


For every purchase of Chivas Regal, customers will get 2 on pack custom logo glassware for free! They opted for a simple red and white packaging with cut-outs to give customers a glimpse of their promotional offer.

Custom Drinking Glasses

Custom Drinking Glasses


Fundador did not disappoint with their free glass with purchase. The brand name is printed across the glass for maximum exposure.

Custom Drinking Glasses

Custom Drinking Glasses

1800 Tequila Silver is also offering free branded drinking tumbler with purchase of their tequila. It is visible from the packaging.

Custom Drinking Glasses

Custom Drinking Glasses

Shackleton also impressed customers with their free on-pack whisky glass gift. With this, customers can share a drink with their friends.

Custom Drinking Glasses

Custom Drinking Glasses

Are you considering using branded drinking glasses for your next drinks promotion? Here are important marketing lessons from these brands.


Custom Drinking Glasses – Marketing Lessons on Liquor Marketing

  • Grab Attention – With so many competing brands using the same marketing gifts, it can be hard to stand out from the shelf. One surefire way to command attention from the get-go is to have designs that jump off shelves. Customers often make unplanned buys when they see beautiful products on display whether it be the packaging or the main selling merchandise.


  • Turn it Into an Advertisement – Tumblers are the perfect place to print your logos on to get your marketing message out to many people. For instance, when you offer guests drinks, you are not the only person who sees the branding but also your visitors. As such, your customized glassware can easily communicate your brand message to anyone who uses it.


  • Sell without Hard Selling – A promotional drinking glass can be a smart way to encourage people to purchase your products without hard selling.


  • Add Value – Add some interesting bar promotional items in the package such as a GWP stirrer and custom jiggers. Doing so will add value to your promotional items. For shoppers, getting more free items for the price of one looks enticing. Your sales may increase as a result. Below, we rounded up other items you should consider including in your drinks promotional kit.


Other Promotional Items to Boost Your Liquor Marketing

Custom Drinking Glasses

August 25 is Whiskey Sour Day! A truly amazing and well-loved cocktail! Here are some amazing bar promotional product ideas to up your liquor marketing!

1. Lemon and Lime Wedger

Cutting up lemon and lime can be a bit messy what with the juice being squeezed while slicing them. Say goodbye to mess with this simple device. This is perfect for bars and restaurants as this makes the process easier. It saves you time and energy preparing them for cocktail drinks and dishes.


2. Metal Rum Cups

Metal rum mugs are a great alternative promotional gift for marketing gifts. Unlike glass, they are not easily broken. With proper maintenance, they can last for years.


3. Bottle Opener

These wall-mount wood bottle openers are a must-have for every restaurant and bars.


4. Credit Card Bottle Opener

These bottle openers are made with portability in mind. As such, it allows customers to keep them in their wallets or bag pocket.


5. Ice Bucket

Unlike the traditional ice bucket, these ones are inflatable. Deflating the bucket allows for easy storage. It is also lightweight so customers who love to travel will find these a useful gift.


6. Cooler Bags

Cooler bags can be a great addition to your marketing mix. Not only are they budget-friendly but they ensure that your brand will get attention every time they are used outdoors.

7. Cocktail Set

Cocktail shakers can be an interesting gift with purchase idea!

8. Socks

Socks that match your logo brand is a unique promotional idea for your brand!

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Why offer custom drinking glasses for liquor marketing?

Offering them as custom gift with purchase or on-packs are a sure fire way to entice shoppers into choosing your brand over your competition. Drinking glass are very practical items which they can use in a long run.

How is a custom drinking glass branded?

You can brand your logo on the drinking glass through silk screen printing. Also, you can have as many colours as you like.

How can I make the custom drinking glass interesting?

With glass manufacturing, you can customise the shape of the glass. If you are a whiskey brand, we totally recommend the rocking whiskey glass!