Ararat and Metaxa are offering customized drinking glasses which customers can share with their loved ones. This is a smart marketing idea because drinking glasses are one of the most effective marketing tools out there.

Customers will get two sherry glasses with purchase of Ararat brandy. On the other hand, they will get two tall glasses when they buy Metaxa cocktail drinks.

Customized Drinking Glasses

Customized Drinking Glasses

Ararat is a brand of Armenian brandy produced by the Yerevan Brandy Company. They have been in the drinks industry since 1887. What makes their cognac-style brandy unique is that they follow a traditional method of aging drinks using white grapes and spring water.

Sold in more than 50 countries, Metaxa has been in the drinks industry since 1888. Its unique amber spirit is often compared to a cognac and later on to a brandy.


Why We Love these Customized Drinking Glasses

Complements the Main Selling Item – The tumblers make excellent gifts because they go well with the main selling item. Customers can also share the drinks with their loved ones right after purchasing the pack. Offering products that go together also saves customers time shopping.

Practical – Many people like to have a drink or two after a long day’s work. From a marketing standpoint, this is an opportunity to promote your brand. Using Ararat’s and Metaxa’s branded drinkware will help the brand gain exposure. And sharing the drinks with others will mean free and unlimited advertisement at no extra cost.

Packaging Design – We love the simple box packaging they used for their products. Firstly, the warm amber and yellow packaging are very noticeable on the shelf. Since Metaxa is known for its amber color spirit, the packaging effectively conveyed its brand image.

Customized Drinking Glasses

Customized Drinking Glasses

Long Lasting – Everyone has at least one or three promotional drinkware at home. And according to ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) US consumers who own a logo drinkware use it 2-3 times a week or more. This means a lot of exposure for the brand. Therefore, Metaxa and Ararat can successfully drive their marketing message through their promotional drinkware.

Keeps Brand on Top of Mind – According studies, more than half of the consumers in the Pacific and West regions are more likely to do business with brands printed on their drinkware. With that said, Ararat and Metaxa will have higher chances of being recognized on stores by consumers than other brands that do not offer branded promotional gifts.

Immense Brand Impression – Drinkware offers immense brand impressions that is why they are considered one of the most effective ways to advertise a company.



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