We spotted this unique on-pack medallion by Omar at the Asian Liquor section of a Duty Free shop. This on-pack medallion gift also acts as a bottle necker. And we certainly love this unique liquor marketing strategy!

With so many products on the shelf, it can be difficult to stand out from the rest, But having a bottle necker is a simple way to draw attention to your products. They can be printed with your company logo, recipes, tips, or they can be used as redemption coupons. Thus, they encourage customers to take action right away. And that exactly what Omar did in their recent promotion.

Liquor Marketing

Liquor Marketing


Bottle Necker Medallion as an On-Pack Gift – Why It’s an Excellent Liquor Marketing Strategy

  • Aesthetic Appeal: As wine and spirits usually considered high-end, it only makes sense to offer high-quality on pack gifts as well. Further, once they see the medallions, they will be compelled to stop by the branded FSDU to grab a bottle.
  • Tangible Remembrance of Purchase: A well-designed medallion will be something that customers will cherish and keep for a long time. Thus, this extends brand exposure outside shopping stores.
Liquor Marketing

Liquor Marketing

  • Informative: We certainly love this bottle necker by Omar because it looks high end, which suits their brand image. You can see their logo and “Cask Strength” engraved on the medallion. For those not in the know, cask strength means “high alcohol.” It also says “Wine barrel finished.” Finishing is the process whereby the whisky is matured in a cask, and this means Omar is matured in a wine barrel. As the spirit spends more time aging in the barrel, the wood affects the color, aroma, and taste of the liquor.

Therefore, this means, their on pack promo gift medallion provides information about the product. This is important in affecting customer buying behavior.

Liquor Marketing

Liquor Marketing

  • Sets Products Apart: It is unusual to find a medallion being offered as a custom promotional gift with liquor. Thus, this gets customer attention. Most bottle neckers are made out of cardboard or paper, but this one is made from metal, thus giving a premium feel. Here’s a fine example of using medals for liquor marketing:

In this blog, you’ll see that the brands incorporated medals into their display to show off the proven quality of their product. These brands won the awards at an international wine challenge.


Tips on How to Use a Bottle Necker for Liquor Marketing

  1. Redemption Rewards: Use the bottle necker or bottle tag as coupon for redemption gifts. Print the mechanics on the tags/neck hangers to create a call to action right at the point of purchase. Take Brothers Ciders as an example. Here, they utilized the effectiveness of a bottle collar to explain how customers can obtain their contest giveaways.


2. Improve the Visibility of POS display : Here’s a fine example of using neckers to boost your shelf marketing. The contrasting colors of the beaded necklaces and bottles created an interesting and eye-catching shelf display.


3. Highlight The Essence of Your Product – Here, you can use the necker to communicate that their drinks are “Probiotic” and that the other liquor has recipe on the back.


4. Promote Good Cause: Although the knitted hats may not have much utility value, it definitely helped them further promote their cause. It was part of Innocent Big Knit’s advocacy. For every bottle sold, the company is able to raise money for Age UK. The colorful knitted mini hats are certainly eye-catching.


5. Offer Gift With Purchase: You can use the neckers to attach your gifts. It’s economical and allows customers to save more by not having to create custom packaging for their gifts. Here, Suntory, a Japanese brewing company, is offering a mobile phone charm that customers can use every day, ensuring long lasting brand visibility.


Here are other brands that had previous success in marketing with bottle neckers:

Here’s how Chin-Su promoted their cooking sauce. Through the bottle necker, they were able to show customers how to use their product for cooking. It was informative, useful, and eye-catching.


Mud House made a unique statement with their luggage tag bottle necker. These tags are made out of durable materials, which means prolonged brand exposure.

In Conclusion…

Marketing managers should learn from Omar’s liquor marketing strategy. Although the gift itself has not much utility value, customers can still use them as key chain or decor. Its aesthetic appeal is its strength. Using the medallion to communicate the quality of their brand is also a good way of utilizing this marketing gift.

So, if you’re keen to have your very own bottle necker to boost your liquor marketing, contact The ODM Group today. We have years of experience in the promotional products industry. We design, source, and manufacture custom promotional giveaways for business and point of sale displays.


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