Cadbury teamed up with Premier League Football for the second time to bring excitement to fans of both iconic brands. Lucky customers will  win exclusive prizes including a chance to meet a famous Premer League goalkeeper! But how can customers obtain this exciting sports promotion gift?

Football fans must first purchase Finders Keepers pack of Cadbury Finger. Find the unique code in the packaging and enter for a chance to win thousands of exciting football prizes.

sports promotion gift

Sports Promotion Gift

Cadbury’s example is nothing new. Sports events are a great venue to amplify your brand. Often, it’s liquor brands and sports drinks that team up with sports organizations. But Cadbury partnering with Premier League brings in more audience as the brand targets large age groups- young ones and adults. This is where the success of their promotion lies.


Cadbury’s example.

Cadbury partnered with Premier League to offer awesome sports promotion gift. Their promotional message is evident in their packaging. First of all look at the name. They replaced their classic “fingers” with “finders” which follows the promotional offer. Lucky winners will have a chance to meet a famous premier league goalkeeper by entering a code found inside the packaging, hence, “finders”. We think on-pack sports promotion giveaway is a clever idea! Moreover, it helps improve their online presence as shoppes must log onto their site to enter the contest. This makes it  easier to promote their brand.

sports promotion gift

Sports Promotion Gift

Why Offer Sports Promotion Gift?

Sports is a lucrative industry. This is why Premier League, FIFA, and Olympics are fantastic venues for brands to get their brands out there!

If you are looking for new sports promo idea, set up a theme for your promotion and give your customers different gift products to choose from. For instance,  it could be a branded arm holder for mobile phone.

Also, lightweight and compact volleyball is something that brings people together and have fun outdoor. Another idea is custom water bottle. It indeed is a cool product not only for sports events but also for soft drinks and water companies.


Sports Promotion Gift – What are the Advantages?

Raise brand awareness

One of the best ways to get your name into peoples’ heads and “mouths” is to offer them marketing gifts. Furthermore, a promotional gift with your company’s logo is a great way to raise awareness about your business. In other words, to build brand awareness, people must find something positive to associate your brand with. In return, the gifts will serve as a remembrance from your company.

sports promotion gift

sports promotion gift

Increase sales.

Obviously, with greater customer favour and brand awareness comes more sales. Promotional gift adds value to your product. Customers are more willing to spend more money when they receive something extra. Therefore, they are happy to buy your product and come back for it more often. All in all, there is a sales boost for the company.


Maintain loyalty.

Gifts are a perfect way to build a good relationship with your clients and gain their trust. In other words, by treating customers well, they become loyal to your brand. Also, it is good to know what are their needs for the future promotional campaigns. When you show them that you care, they will stick to your brand for a long time.

sports promotion gift

Sports Promotion Gift

Touches Shoppers’ Competitive Nature

In our example, we can see that Cadbury is offering thousands of football prizes, something that football fans will certainly love. The excitement and fun that comes with joining a contest and winning interesting prizes are what make this a good marketing strategy. Therefore, it is important to engage with customers and understand what they want and need in order to really connect with them on an emotional level.


All in all,

There are many products to choose from. Sports-related gifts can help you promote your brand in many ways. Hungry for a new sports promotion gift? Unique sports promotion gifts should be up on your list!


How Can ODM Help?

Looking for simple yet effective custom promotional merchandise to boost sales and improve your marketing? Fortunately, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique promotional product and packaging designs. We have product designers who have vast experience in designing to help you out! 

Not sure what you’re looking for yet? We also give product brainstorming sessions and quality control services. Contact our team and learn more! ODM can help grow your business with effective promotional products!


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