Are you struggling to recover what you have lost because of the pandemic? Are you one of those restaurant owners who almost gave up and thought of shutting down the business because of your failed investment? If yes, glad that you still manage to go on despite the challenges. If you are ready to go back into the game and serve your valued customers again, here’s a promotional item that you may use to gear up your comeback. This branded bottle opener would surely open greater opportunities for your business.

branded bottle opener

Branded Bottle Opener for Promotion

This branded bottle opener is different from the previous styles we have featured before. It combines the functionality of a bottle opener and the fun of firing caps like a gun.

It incorporates a simple mechanism that ejects the cap when a button is pushed. It also has a carabiner to attach to bags or wallets. This way, people can have an opener anywhere they go.

What is also great with this product is that they can come in a variety of colors and can be branded with logos or company names.


How to Promote a Brand Using a Bottle Opener?

A bottle opener is a handy restaurant and bar tool specifically designed to open cold drinks. Customers probably don’t pay much attention to it until a new and improved version swang into the market.

The plain-style opener would no longer entice anyone thus, manufacturers started to give it a new look. A  fresh and classy version of the branded bottle opener is now ready to help brands open bigger opportunities. Listed below are the smart marketing strategies you may incorporate with this opener.


1. Bottle Opener as Giveaways

Thank your new diners for visiting your restaurant using this innovative branded bottle opener. Give them this opener before they leave your place, and they would surely leave a lasting impression on them.

Showing your appreciation with this simple gift would be a great way to make these one-time diners your regular customers. This custom bottle opener would definitely very useful to them. It works well as a bottle drink opener as well as a keychain. The 2-in-1 functionality of the item also adds allure to this bar accessory.


2. Branded Bottle Openers as GWP

Why not include some promotional item in every take-out order of your customers? Sounds great, isn’t it? Including this bottle opener in your customers’ purchase would absolutely an effective gimmick indeed. Besides, it would also make customers patronize your brand even more.

branded bottle opener

Branded Bottle Opener

The opener’s durability makes it an ideal gift with purchase items.  It is made from ABS plastic and some metal parts, thus it is guaranteed to be sturdy and long-lasting.

branded bottle opener

Branded Bottle Opener


3. Bottle Opener as Corporate Gift

Build a tighter connection with your existing customers. This branded bottle opener is definitely a perfect gift to show your appreciation for still patronizing your brand in the midst of uncertain times.

branded bottle opener

Branded Bottle Opener as Corporate Gift

You may send a customized opener to your regular customers to keep in touch with previous and current clients. The customizability of this kitchen tool gives you the freedom to choose and create your desired colors for your customers. Hence, it also allows you to promote and increase your brand visibility by adding your company logo to it.


4. Great for Drinking Games

Enliven drinking games, events, and beer promotions with this beer opener launcher. This can launch caps for up to 5 meters so customers still need to be careful when playing this.

There are so many ways to use this for activation campaigns. As a custom drinking game, it is ideal for bars and trade shows especially if you wish to create a fun and engaging atmosphere that customers will remember for years.


In a Nutshell…

branded bottle opener

branded bottle opener

Almost all businesses were affected by this unprecedented event. Obviously, everyone was caught off-guard and unprepared. Who would have thought that this pandemic would create a massive effect on the entire world?

As the restrictions are being gradually lifted, this is the perfect time for beer brands, bars, and restaurants to start reaching out to their customers with a practical gift they could use for longer. It may not happen immediately, but little by little, through their smart and strategic marketing, they would definitely get back on track.


How Can ODM Help?

As a business, we also know your struggle. Getting back on track is not easy, but in order to recover, you have to start moving. There are many things you can do to recover. Giving away custom promotional products and giveaways could be one of your options.

If you need promotional ideas or anything about giving a new look to your brand packaging, we would be glad to assist you. You may also send us an email if you think that the mentioned product above would be a good promotional product for your brand. Just use the code: ODM- 3570. Feel free to connect with us to learn more about our services. It would be our pleasure to help you.

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