In an ever competitive market, products such as Ribena are seeking to take advantage of promotional products as they battle with competitors. Offering a promotional item with your product may be a low cost way to differentiate from competition and to make your brand stand out..

In this case, Ribena in Singapore offers a free sports bottle along with purchase of their cordial drink

The product in question is a standard sports bottle made of plastic storing up to 300 ml of liquid with a standard black plastic cap with a rubber side grip to allow for better holding grips for users.

The sports bottle offers high re usability and is of definite value to customers as it can hold their beverages on the go. It has synergy with the Ribena brand as it can be communicated to hold Ribena drinks on the go. The sports bottle can also be labeled with Ribena’s logo to allow customers to openly advertise Ribena’s drinks indirectly.

Overall, a low cost solution for promotional products which gives great value to customers. Contact ODM today for inquiries for such a promotional gift for your company today.