Every business needs a good marketing strategy. Without this, your business will not survive. This is why marketing experts have been experimenting a lot of new methods for effective marketing. And sometimes, we only need to be creative and resourceful. We just need to look at the current trends and put a new spin on these ideas. A good example of which is this Bottle Necker idea as GWP Luggage Tag.

Wine brands who have previous success in incorporating bottle neckers into their campaign include Suntory and Yebisu. We can say that it is a simple yet effective way to stand out from the crowd. And Mud House, a New Zealand – based wine brand, is also keeping up with the trend. Instead of using plain bottle necker tags, they turned it into reusable luggage tags.

Unique Bottle Necker Idea by Mud House: GWP Luggage Tag

Unique Bottle Necker Idea by Mud House: GWP Luggage Tag

Why We Love This Idea: Bottle Necker Idea as GWP Luggage Tag

  • Concept. The concept itself is 100% creative. Utilising the Luggage tag, as a bottle necker idea is actually a good marketing scheme. The colourful tag will draw the attention of curious onlookers, which could potentially increase profitability.
  • Design. The tag itself is made of soft Polyurethane foam material. It’s flexible and doesn’t break easily. You can print your logos or brand on the other side of the tag to promote brand awareness.
  • Useful. We all love freebies, especially items that we can always use. Customers can use the tags on their luggage after purchase, continuing brand visibility even after the product has been used. Customers will then associate travel with the high-end wine.
  • Brand Exposure. The unique design is a great way to differentiate your brand from competitors. This allows customers to easily spot your product from the crowd.
  • Cost – Effective. Small giveaway items will definitely not hurt your marketing budget. This way, you can increase your sales without having to spend a lot of money on advertisement. With the right approach, these simple gwp ideas may give your brand a boost.
  • Customisable Yes, these bottle necker items are customisable. You can even pattern the tags after the shape of your logo. Or use another freebie such as phone charms, key chains, etc to go with your promotional bottle necker. You can even use these as personalized promotional & marketing gift items  Check out this blog for more cool bottle necker ideas.
Unique Bottle Necker Idea by Mud House: GWP Luggage Tag

Unique Bottle Necker Idea by Mud House: GWP Luggage Tag

In general, promotional bottle necker idea is a fantastic marketing strategy. Brands will most likely gain instant recognition and will lure customers to check out the product. Therefore, they can stimulate sales and develop brand awareness just as effectively as other marketing tools.

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