To capture the attention of your customers, point of sales display plays a very important role in your promotional campign. With creative ideas such as bottle jacket and bottle coat emerging in the market, you must be wondering what else has the drinks industry cooked up.

Riding the wave of innovation, this Bottle Necker Holder is the next big thing in the drinks promotion industry. This nifty item is very useful in promoting the brand name for wine and spirits.

Bottle Necker Holder with Promotional Gift

ODM feels that these POS displays are very innovative as small promotional gifts such as golf ball or chocolates can be attached onto it. These small promotional gifts can be branded with logo to increase brand awareness when in use. Furthermore, these bottle neckers enhance the appearance of the bottle, making it more appealing to potential customers.

If you are interested in customising your own bottle necker, please feel free to contact our sales team and we’ll be happy to assist you! You can also check out our Beer Promos website for more drinks related promotional product.

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