To maintain a strong following and encourage customers to stick with their brand, liquor companies invest in promotional products. Liquor promo gifts are typically high-end as they target high-end customers and companies.

Premium Liquor Promo Gifts by Sheep Dip Branded Glass & Woven Hip Flask

Premium Liquor Promo Gifts by Sheep Dip Branded Glass & Woven Hip Flask

Sheep Dip, an English scotch brand, offered high-quality whiskey gift sets with branded glass and woven hip flask as on-pack gifts in their last campaign. Superb craftsmanship and design are the selling point of their liquor promo gifts. But how did they help in customer retention? Below, we explain why these items are ideal for marketing drinks.

Premium Liquor Promo Gifts by Sheep Dip Branded Glass & Woven Hip Flask

Premium Liquor Promo Gifts by Sheep Dip Branded Glass & Woven Hip Flask

Why We Love These Liquor Promo Gifts from Sheep Dip

  • Classy Design: The frosted logo engraving on the glass is classy, which makes it a refined option for high-end products. since it is something customers will use often, it promotes continued visibility. Using the glasses during special events will further increase brand exposure.
  • Brand Message: We love the textured woven hip flask used in one of their gift sets as it somehow reflects the brand’s story. Sheep Dip whiskey is woven from different single malt whiskeys, which gives its distinct flavor. This innovative idea not only helps the brand stand out from crowded store shelves, but it also helps spread the brand’s message.
  • High-Quality Custom Packaging: High-end brands invest heavily in product packaging because it keeps their products in good condition and intensifies visual impact. Sheep Dip’s simple, yet attractive box packaging is eye-catching and further enhanced the “high-end” image of the brand.

Promotional gifts are necessary to gain the trust of customers. The reliability and the quality of the product give the brand the promotional boost it needs. Furthermore, customers will stick with your brand if they know they are getting more value for their money.


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