Lunar New Year is fast approaching, which means that the festivities are about to begin! With that in mind, Pepsi has started its Lunar New Year promotions. At Co-op, a popular supermarket in Vietnam, Pepsi has launched its products with a Lunar New Year Packaging. In this blog, we will talk about why we like this packaging, as well as some ways your company can boost its promotions during this period.

Pepsi - Lunar New Year Packaging

Pepsi – Lunar New Year Packaging

Why Pepsi’s Lunar New Year Packaging is a Good Marketing Strategy?

Pepsi has promoted its products for the Lunar New Year by creating a Lunar New Year themed boxes. The main design is a lion, which signifies power, wisdom, and superiority in the Chinese culture. This will no doubt help to attract shoppers, because they will associate the positive attributes to the design. Moreover, they will associate the festive feeling with Pepsi. It’s practically encouraging shoppers to welcome the New Year with Pepsi.

How can you give your company a boost during the Lunar New Year period?

Using a festival promotion is a great way to attract niche customer groups to your brand. Here are some examples of how they can be used.

  • Gifts with Purchase: Your company can boost its sales with a complimentary gift with purchase. Just make sure that the products are related to the festivity to make stronger impact. For instance, attaching free Lai See packets to the packaging. Choosing an appropriate gift can help to increase customer engagement. In the past, Pepsi has cleverly used this with its custom printed slippers gift with purchase.
  • POS display: A custom POS display can help to increase sales, as these displays can tempt customers to make a last-minute purchase. Just take a look at Pepsi’s POS display which they used to advertise their Lunar New year promotions.
Pepsi - POS Display

Pepsi – POS Display

  • Remove Distractions: As seen in the above picture, LaVie shared the same floor space with Pepsi, which is not good, since it distracts customers. Although, we did’t know if the placement was intentional or temporary, still, it’s always a good idea to keep the display exclusive to one product only.Below, is a blog explaining why you should think about your merchandising display.


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