In lieu of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, Acecook Vietnam is gifting customers a chance of winning premium giveaways for the festive season! The promotion: buy 5 packets to get a discount of 4.000VND off the total bill! For a low price, customers get to earn an opportunity to enter a high-end giveaway event.

premium giveaways

premium giveaways

To bring awareness to this promotional campaign, custom shelf talkers were used to spread the message around. This arouses the curiosity of customers looking for food to buy in the store. Even if one did not have the intention to buy instant packet noodles, they will consider twice now.

premium giveaways

premium giveaways

The prizes presented are very appealing. With the first prize being a Lexus Car, second prize: 30 Vision Bikes, third prize: 100 Smart TV and fourth prize: 10, 000 phone cards up to 500,000 VND. With so many types of prizes to be won, it targets different customer groups.

Giving away high end contest giveaways is a good brand activation tactic that could gain your brand greater exposure and engagement.


premium giveaways

premium giveaways

So Why Are Premium Giveaways Attractive?

  • Practicality – all the prizes listed down are very practical and will definitely be used daily. A car or motorbike can help navigate you through the city. TV will provide entertainment, while winning phone card credits means saving you phone bills. Moreover, to win it through buying 5 cheap and tasty instant noodle packs will certainly motivate shoppers to participate.
  • A Wide Range of Rewards – Instead of offering the standardized type of complimentary gift with purchase or in-pack promo, you can spice up your marketing campaign by being different. Even if consumers do not win, they are still rewarded with a 4.000VND discount.
  • Brand Awareness Rewards catering to different age groups can broaden the customer base of the brand. Also, reaching out to more people will mean that word-of-mouth about this campaign will spread further as good things are meant to be shared. Awarding customers with gifts and creative promotions increases positive brand exposure and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Sudden Spike in Sales There will definitely be a surge in sales given that the brand is widely available in many stores from supermarts to convenience stores. Frequent patrons who visit these places will most likely to purchase on impulse as this event only happens during a specific time frame. In addition, instant noodles have long shelf life so they can keep them for months. Which means they can buy more than what they intend to buy in order to win the prizes. This is a win-win for customers and the store.


What Else Can Be Done To Promote The Campaign?

  • Social Media – As more people are using social media nowadays, engaging an influencer or posting on Instagram stories is a good way to increase exposure as it is the easiest way to allow people to know about a promotional campaign.
  • Promotional Balloons – By putting up branded balloons all over the store, people will certainly be curious of the event. Also, it is a cost-effective method of engaging customers. We often associate balloons “special events.” Thus, when customers see these balloons, they’ll be excited to know what the store has to offer.
  • Catchy Promotional Banner Design – Banners are also easy to make and to customize the size. An aesthetic banner design will catch the attention of shoppers as human are naturally attracted to anything that’s beautiful.
  • Bicycle Marketing – cyclists can bike around the city, with the eyes of passers-by naturally following a bright moving object rather than your everyday typical cars.

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