Get your promotional marketing message noticed day and night with a transparent LED screen poster!

They are great for retail advertising and promotions! What better way to advertise your retail brand than having your marketing messages displayed across storefronts while at the same time allowing customers to see into your what your store has to offer?


Transparent LED Screen Poster

Transparent LED Screen Poster

With high transparency rate (up to 95%), this LED screen poster allows natural lighting into the shop. Shop windows instantly transform into eye-catchy advertising and marketing platforms while preserving the view from both within and outside the shop!

Gain An Edge Over Conventional Marketing With Transparent LED Screen Poster

1) 24/7 Brand Visibility: Unlike paper posters that are not highly visible at night, the transparent LED screen poster shines brightly all night. These in-store displays are visible from a great distance.

2) Increased Customer Engagement: Unlike conventional LED posters and LED advertising boards that block the view, the transparent LED screen poster permits natural lighting into the store. This provides a more pleasant in-store experience, allowing customers to easily see in and out of store. Thereby increasing the likelihood of customers checking the stores out after previewing the merchandise from the outside.

3) Efficient Marketing Content: The transparent LED screen poster allows content displayed on the screen to be changed at any time. As such, brands can eliminate the need of replacing the paper poster every time. Not to mention the wide array of media content it provides! These includes videos and animations which traditional paper posters cannot support.

4) Aesthetic Appeal: The transparent LED screen poster is light and thin. This makes them a perfect replacement of conventional LED posters that can be bulky and rather unattractive.

5) Easy Installation & Maintenance: Unlike conventional LED posters and marketing LED display, the transparent LED screen poster does not require steel frame construction. Instead, it uses the LED strip technology, which can be easily set up by anyone. This also means saving on installation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, these LED strips has a long-life expectancy and are easily replaced when needed without having to replace the entire module.

Transparent LED Screen Poster

Transparent LED Screen Poster

Why We Really Love The Idea Of A Transparent LED Screen Poster

Aside from all the above features of a transparent LED screen poster that we love, one thing that set them apart from other marketing displays is the use of existing shop facades!

They make great use of existing shop facades for marketing purpose!

Glass contributes a significant percentage of shop facades with substantial daily volume of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Hence, these glasses acting as shop walls represent a highly attractive and logical promotional marketing space to huge audience!

However, these glasses are not being used to communicate effectively with audience. It’s often just an unused, empty space. This is where the transparent LED screen posters come in handy! They are apt in transforming these viable spaces into high impact visual spectacle that stands out from the crowd.


To Conclude

Every year, the world of digital advertising transforms. A decade ago, the idea of an outdoor LED poster was novel. Not to mention a transparent one! At present, the transparent LED screen poster is the latest innovation in LED display technology. It not only embraces all the benefits of conventional outdoor LED posters, but also overcomes many limitations of conventional LED posters.

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LED screen poster

Transparent LED Screen Poster

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