Be Creative: Promote Your Products With Custom Shelf Talkers

Do something extra for your brand. Let your customers know about your anniversary promos, marketing gifts, and the latest products with these custom shelf talkers. These shelf signs are great for boosting visibility inside retail stores.

Custom Shelf Talkers

These are cardboard, paper, or plastic advertisement for a product. The ad attaches itself to a shelf on which the brand displays its products.

Be Creative: Promote Your Products With Custom Shelf Talkers

Be Creative: Promote Your Products With Custom Shelf Talkers

Different purpose of Shelf Talkers

  • Showcase new products
  • Guide customers to choose your brand’s products
  • Point out promotions
  • Promote brand awareness
  • Engages customers
  • Informational Purposes
  • Promote additional services
  • Advertise seasonal products

Why do we like Pedigree’s Custom Shelf Talkers?

  • Colourful – First of all, let’s admit it, colour easily attracts everyone. A colourful Shelf taker would most likely catch your attention than the plain ones. Obviously, attracting customers is the main goal of having a shelf talker. Check out this great shelf talker from Thailand.
  • Durable – Pedigree’s promotional shelf talker is made from hard cardboard that has a glossy finish. It could withstand the normal wear and tear of a marketing tool. Furthermore, the attachment is made from metal which makes it more durable.
  • Cost-effective – Shelf talkers are an economical way to promote products within a retail space. They are fairly more affordable rather than promoting via billboards or magazines.
  • Simple –  Lastly, these retail sign ideas take little time to put in place. They may be simple but they engage customers via effective visual marketing.
Be Creative: Promote Your Products With These Custom Shelf Talkers

Be Creative: Promote Your Products With These Custom Shelf Talkers

Certainly, these marketing items are paramount to the success of the brand. They’re simple but has so much potential. Overall, we highly recommend businesses to try out this marketing strategy.

If custom shelf talkers interest you, please feel free to contact the ODM team. We have the best marketing and manufacturing team that may guide you on your marketing quest.

What is a shelf-talker?

A shelf-taker is a sign attached to a store shelf. It is an incredible way to entice shoppers to the product displayed on the shelf.

How can I make my shelf-talker more enticing?

There are many ideas to make a shelf-talker enticing. For example, you can make it 3-dimensional or include led lights. Do contact us and the team will be able to brainstorm ideas for you!

Why should consider having shelf-talkers to promote my product?

Shelf-talkers are very effective for fast-moving consumer goods. It is a great way to capture shopper's attention. It is a cost-effective option for advertising.

Check out the other in-store marketing campaigns from other brands:

Essenso uses a video display which catches the eye of your current and potential clients.

The custom in store display boasts a huge football that bears a huge “Adidas” logo. It is secured on a platform with adequate illumination for it to be visible at night.

This is a good in store marketing campaign.

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