Shelf talkers are an age old in-store marketing strategy for branding promotions. They are often the very first option a business will go to for their Point of Sales display. In this blog, we will share some features and benefits of using shelf talkers for your branding promotions.

Branding Promotions: Features and Benefits of Shelf Talkers

Promote products
An essential objective of using shelf-talkers is to promote a brand’s products. Shelf talkers display your brand name and the product you wish to promote. Like this compelling shelf talker by Coca-Cola, it can push a customer into action to make an impulse purchase right there and then.

Branding Promotions - custom shelf talkers

Can be used to introduce new products
As a business with many existing products, it can be difficult for newly launched products to be made known to customers. Therefore, this is where shelf talkers come in handy. Companies can use colorful pop-up shelf talkers to introduce the new products in their line in retail stores. These bright shelf-talkers will definitely be able to catch the attention of customers as they walk down the aisle.

Provide detailed information
Shelf talkers are able to form the bridge between brands and customers. Information on your brand and product can be printed on the shelf talkers to educate customers about the product. These shelf talkers can be used to communicate what you would want your customers to know about the product to them directly.

Increases brand awareness
Colorful and attractive shelf-talkers can easily attract the attention of passing customers. This will make them aware of the presence of your brand. In a retail store with countless other brands competing to gain customers, a shelf talker that stands out will definitely create a long-lasting impression.

Shelf talkers are arguably the most effective method of advertising. Cheaper to produce than custom POS Displays, they are able to achieve a similar effect of being able to pique customers’ interest. This will encourage them to find out more about the product, and save on costs for your company!

Branding Promotions - custom shelf talkers

How can ODM help?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is a shelf-talker?

A shelf-taker is a sign attached to a store shelf. It is an incredible way to entice shoppers to the product displayed on the shelf.

How do I attach a shelf talker to my shelves?

Some shelf talkers slot into or clip onto the shelf edge data strip, while others hook on a lip on the front of the shelves or can be stuck in place using adhesive tape.