Everybody sees shelf talkers at supermarkets. They are found in every section, with countless brands fighting each other for the customers’ attention. Who can blame them, these shelf talkers are extremely effective at capturing the attention of customers. After all, they literally pop out of shelves to greet the customer! However, with so many brands opting to use shelf talkers, the potency of the average shelf talker has decreased, unfortunately. Not to worry! You can shine out from your competitors by using a branded shelf talker! Read on to find out how…

branded shelf talker

branded shelf talker

This custom branded shelf talker is promoting Nam Duong soy sauce. While this looks like a normal shelf talker from afar, it is anything but that! The shelf talker features a cardboard cutoff of a soy sauce bottle that is oscillating back and forth. It also showcases a blinking light which displays that the soy sauce was voted Vietnam’s best flavored soy sauce in 2019. Now, who would ignore this?

Why this custom shelf talker is so effective:

Custom Design – This shelf talker is very different from the usual generic shelf talkers found in supermarkets. The usual shelf talkers do not contain any lights or moving parts, and simply display text. However, this branded shelf talker takes it one step further! It incorporates a rocking cardboard cutout of a soy sauce bottle and utilizes blinking lights. These extremely effective additions to the shelf talker will differentiate the brand from its competitors.

Moving-Mechanism – The rocking mechanism of the soy sauce bottle not only adds an interesting addition into the shelf talker, but it is also an excellent way to attract the attention of customers. When customers are browsing through the shelves, the rocking mechanism of the cutoff will definitely catch their eyes and draw in their attention.

branded shelf talker

branded shelf talker

Blinking Lights – This shelf talker incorporates blinking lights to emphasize on the brand’s status of Vietnam’s best flavored soy sauce. This not only shows off the brand’s appeal, but also acts as a method to gain the attention of customers and passers-by.  Blinking lights are a great way to capture the attention of customers as people are inevitably drawn in by flashy things.

Enforces Brand’s Popularity – This custom shelf talker’s numerous additions, such as the rocking cardboard cutoff and blinking lights adds differentiation to the brand. As there are no other brands in the area that utilize a similar shelf talker, customers would immediately hold the brand’s value above the other brands. The blinking lights under the award for Vietnam’s best flavored soy sauce also establishes the brand’s widespread appeal and good quality. With these, no customer would choose any other brand!

How we can help you:

Want a similar custom shelf talker for your brand? Well, you are in luck! We here at ODM can design the perfect branded shelf talker for you! ODM specializes in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing custom promotional products. No product is too big for our in-house team of extremely talented product designers! We also offer product brainstorming sessions to come up with a range of custom promotional products perfect for your brand. Feel free to drop us an inquiry to find out more about how we can help your brand!

What are some ways can I make a shelf talker more effective?

The shelf talker should be attractive with appealing graphics and colors. It should be simple for buyers to read and understand what the product is about. Words should be bold and clear to make the sign readable from a distance.

How can I make my shelf talker stand out?

Some ideas can be making 3-dimensional or include led lights to capture the buyer's attention. You can make it interesting like including a moving mechanism. You can also include snappy catchphrases to make your sign more memorable.

Why would I need a shelf talker to promote my product?

Shelf talkers are a great way to capture the shopper's attention to the product displayed. They are visually appealing and help to bring across the product's selling point. It is also an affordable option for advertising.

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