Is your company in need of ideas to market its liquor products? If so, look no further! In this blog, we will look at a Promotional Bottle Cradle by Passion, and why it’s a great way to market your alcoholic drinks. We will also provide a few tips for your company to better market your products.

Promotional Bottle Cradle

Promotional Bottle Cradle

We spotted this promotional bottle cradle inside Co-op, a popular supermarket in Vietnam. And we were instantly drawn to the display. The wood and the design lend a vintage and classy feel to the display. We certainly love the choice of material as it adds to the product’s high-end image.


Why Use a Promotional Bottle Cradle?

  • Visibility: A huge promotional bottle cradle is great as it is very visible to customers. When a customer walks around the drinks section, the first thing that would catch their eye would be the bottle cradle. This is great for your company, as you always want your product to be seen ahead of your competitors. Having a prominent custom POS display will thus help bring in more customers to your company.


  • Brand Attachment: Using a bottle cradle will also help to increase brand attachment. Bottle cradles are used to tilt the bottle of wine steadily so that the sediments remain at the bottom of the bottle while pouring the wine. The process of decantation helps to separate the wine from sediments, which improves how the wine smells and tastes. As a result, customers will associate the increased taste of the wine with Passion, forming a rational attachment to the brand. As a result, the custom bottle cradle helps increase brand engagement.


Tips for your brand

Apart from the use of a display, there are many other promotional tools that your company can use to help grow your brand.

  • Gift with Purchase: Your company can use a complimentary gift with purchase to attract customers. Why? Because customers love free gifts! Customers are attracted to add-ons that add value to their purchases. This makes them feel valued, which would increase the chances of them returning to purchase your products. A bottle cradle purchase with purchase offer could definitelyhelp your brand stand out from the shelves.
  • Branded Merchandise: Your company can also sell merchandise, such as glasses or promotional wine gifts that are branded with the company logo. This acts as a complement to your primary products, also helping to spread your company’s brand further. This is especially effective if the merchandise can be used together with the original product.
  • Displays: Another way that your company can expand its brand would be through the use of eye-catching drinks displays. such as bottle glorifiers for in-store marketing and inflatable wine bottle display for outdoor advertising. Using a catchy display can be the difference between a customer purchasing your product, and them simply walking by.

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