At first glance, Pocari Sweat’s promotional custom fridge looks uninviting. It looks dimmer and less appealing than the fridge beside it.

Promotional Video Display - 6 Ways to Boost Beverage Marketing

Promotional Video Display – 6 Ways to Boost Beverage Marketing

However, upon closer inspection, we noticed that the display changes. That was when we realized that there was a built-in video display on the door. This is a good marketing tactic because a promotional video display can add an entertainment factor that appeals to a wide range of customers.

Promotional Video Display - 6 Ways to Boost Beverage Marketing

Promotional Video Display – 6 Ways to Boost Beverage Marketing

Pocari Sweat’s fridge has a promotional video display feature. That’s why it looks dim and uninviting from afar! Take a look at the video below to see how the display works.

This is exactly the things that you should implement on your POP displays. With such a display, you will certainly garner people’s interests and attention. You can be ahead of the game and leave your competitors in the dust. Here’s how you can take your promotional drinks displays to the next level and defeat any competition that comes your way!

How to D.E.F.E.A.T. Competition with a Promotional Video Display 

  • Diversion of Attention: You can easily divert customers’ attention away from your competitors with a custom store drinks display. For example, as soon as customers get closer to the promotional video display fridge, their attention would be diverted away from the other brighter fridge. Customers are also more likely to forget about your competitors’ pop display and products if you have an interesting customized pop display– a display that is more unique than theirs. 
  • Eye-catching: An eye-catching branded pop display, will draw attention to your products. This is the first step to getting the public to buy from your brand.  Without it, customers will easily look over your merchandise. Thus, it is important to add an interesting twist to your Promotional Drinks Display such as a transparent LED screen poster or a promotional video display.
  • Fascinating: With unique promotional displays, you’ll be able to capture your customers’ interests. It also puts your brand and products on top of your customers’ minds. These factors can have an influence on their buying behaviors and ultimately, convince them to buy your products.
  • Engaging: A custom fridge with a built-in video display is more engaging than the traditional ones. The vivid display also brings your brand and message to life. This helps to solidify your customers’ impression of your brand and products even further.
  • Apparent Messages: You should use the video in your custom promotional fridge to send a message, one that has an apparent call-to-action. For example, in Pocari Sweat’s fridge, the video is encouraging the public to drink their product to keep themselves hydrated especially after heavy physical activity.
  • Talk of the town: Your promotional video display can effectively set your brand apart you from your competitors. If you offer something unique, even those who have never heard of your brand before would be familiar with it. This is because they learned about your brand and products through the grapevine. For example, customers who have seen Pocari Sweat’s unique POS display could be an interesting conversation starter, leading to positive word-of-mouth.

In a Nutshell,

You could easily beat your competitors and gain customers’ attention with a promotional video display. The same idea applies even if you’re not in the drinks industry. If you have a large marketing budget and you want to go all out with your promotions, a marketing LED display might be a good idea. LED advertising boards are also an excellent option, especially in the food and drinks industry.

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