Brands promote their products and promotions in different ways. We can easily spot many promotional banners or POS Displays in stores. However, not all Promotional In-Store Displays are outstanding. How can you create an eye-catching Promotional In-Store Display and attract your potential buyers?


What is a Store Display?

It is a marketing tool used by merchandisers to promote a particular product or promotion within retail stores. Examples of this are POS displays, banners,gondola shelves, and custom shelf talkers. The purpose of a custom in-store display is to attract customers’ attention. This is crucial for your brand to stand out in a saturated market/industry.

Need Some Inspiration?

Here are some interesting examples that we came across and we definitely love them!

  1. This is a Promotional In-Store Display by Monkey Shoulder.

This orange themed display has caught many’s attention, including ours. There are multiple learning points that we can pick up, and find out why this is better than its competitors.

Promotional In-Store Displays 1

Promotional In-Store Displays 1

The packaging and merchandise display does not scream scotch, because it is unlike the other tall and slender scotches. The outlook of this Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey is very attractive and stand out among its competitors. Why is that so?


Starting off with the packaging, most appearance of scotches resembles the Johny Walker Black Label. However, the Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey is short and portly. Along with the classic logo – brass monkeys sitting on the shoulder of the bottle. This interesting and trendy outlook is perfect for attracting the younger audience to try this out.


Moving on to the splendid display, the use of bright orange helps this Promotional In-Store Display stand out among other dull displays around it. The choice of colour is very important because it can cause a certain action and reaction. Multiple oranges can be seen on the cart. These orange props allows consumers to infer that orange is one of the main ingredients in the Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey. Using multiple props instead of only words to convey a message to consumers is one of the many different ways brands can stand out.

Another factor that we cannot miss is the orange promotional sticker on the floor. This helps capture the attention of potential buyers. People are always looking down and the bright floor decal will definitely grab their attention. The wheels, cart and record player are designed to fit the orange theme, making it aesthetically pleasing for consumers. This will also entice them to walk towards the display and check out their Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey. This Promotional In-Store Display has used multiple marketing tools to successfully increase brand awareness and bring in more sales.

Promotional In-Store Displays 2

Promotional In-Store Displays 2

The hashtags on the record player can also be used for promotional purposes. Merchandisers can promote this product by using quirky hashtags such as ‘#MakeItMonkey’. Such hashtags will be attention grabbing and easily remembered by potential buyers. If consumers want to find out more about this product, they can also search the hashtag to see related pictures and content.

2. Next is the Promotional In-Store Display by Smeg.

This Promotional In-Store Display showcases the Made in Italy Project that they’re having with Dolce & Gabbana – ‘Sicily My Love’. This is where design, fashion and technology meets.

Promotional In-Store Displays 3

Promotional In-Store Displays 3

What might catch more attention than the delicately designed kitchen products are the names of the big brands. The brands Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana has a reputation or themselves, and anyone who learns about this collaboration would be interested. Showcasing the brand is a great marketing technique to attract the attention of loyal customers.


Firstly, the outlook of the kitchenware does most of the marketing. The bold and intricate design kitchenware engages the attention of art lovers. Those who appreciates art would adore these kitchenware as a display for their Home, or as a gift for their loved ones.

The sophisticated design associates with the home of Dolce & Gabbana – Sicily. This stunning collection represents the deep respect for family tradition and reinforces the importance of maintaining local roots. This can tap into emotional marketing and influence consumers to buy due to the message behind the spectacular design.


Moving on to the striking branded display, the colourful composition will allow this in-store display to stand out compared to the dull and common displays around it. This is because bright colours such as orange or red tend to draw attention to the eye compared to cooler / dull tones.  The use of contrast colours also attracts attention of consumers – the use of white tiles around the colourful ones. The use of white tiles ensures that the background does not take away all the attention from the kitchenware displayed in front of it. The designs and colours of the tiles also gives consumers a taste of how the kitchenware looks like. Furthermore, the use of tiles will allow consumers to infer that these kitchen products are ceramic and are of great quality.

What would entice consumers to purchase from this impressive collection is the limited time available. This exclusive collection will not be permanent and it will not be accessible after it has completely sold.

This exceptional in store display, along with the collaboration with a big brand will generate buzz and increase awareness. Therefore, this powerful Promotional In-Store Display is a definite success, and does its job of increasing brand recognition.

Promotional In-Store Displays 4

Promotional In-Store Displays 4


Benefits of Promotional In-Store Displays:

Positive Image: Not only will Promotional In-Store Displays help upscale your brand, but they can also make your business look more interesting. Customers are more likely to shop for a brand that they have a positive impression of.

Increase Brand Awareness: A well-managed Promotional In-Store Display that helps you stand out from your competitors increases brand recognition. A unique store display can create buzz and will be easily remembered. You can increase number of store visits by also having interesting displays that can intrigue the audience.

Informational: You can highlight your main selling product or current promotions by displaying relevant information on your displays. Not only will it attract customers with the discounts and possible savings, but can also push your sales. Furthermore, crucial information about your shop will also give consumers an idea of what your products and services are.

Highly Customisable: There are no limits to how you should design your Promotional In-Store Display. You can paint it with absurd colours and it might still help boost sales. You are also able to customise the material, size, colours, shape, etc. This way, you can better showcase and express your brand to potential customers.

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