Tired of seeing the same promotional products on the shelf? The lack of originality and creativity are just some of the reasons some brands fail to stand out. Tanduay tried to break the monotony with their free custom disposable cups. Our team spotted this efficient yet affordable promotional gift from Tanduay at a bar in the Philippines. But, is the use of disposable cups a good marketing idea?

Stock drink stations and set the mood with custom disposable cups. Disposable plastic cups are an easy way to serve cold drinks at events, trade shows, bars, and restaurants— print your logo to boost brand promotion. Tanduay’s promotion is pretty straightforward. Buy drinks and receive free custom drinking cups.

Custom Disposable Cups: 3 Reason Why This Drink Promotion Works

Custom Disposable Cups: 3 Reason Why This Drink Promotion Works


Custom Disposable Cups- The Positives

  • Highly Customisable – Tanduay’s customized plastic cups are branded appropriately to represent the brand. Since it is a generously sized cup, the prints are more visible compared to printing the logos on smaller cups. Also, Tanduay’s cups are sturdier than your average plastic cups. Furthermore, this could be a good replacement cup for drinking games such as beer pong. If you’re looking to see more impressive plastic cups, please check out the link below.
  • Affordable – The marketing budget is paramount to every brand’s success. Luckily, these custom disposable cups are so cost-effective. Plastic, which is the primary material of this custom promotional giveaway, is not hard to source which translates to lower production costs. As a matter of fact, our team has a lot of experience when it comes to creating such products.
Custom Disposable Cups: 3 Reason Why This Drink Promotion Works

Custom Disposable Cups: 3 Reason Why This Drink Promotion Works

  • Useful But Find A Better Alternative – Instead of using a disposable plastic cup, it would be more eco-friendly to use cups that can be reused over and over again. Reusable marketing gifts help brands gain tremendous exposure in the long run. As observed, when brands give away items that are practical and useful, customers appreciate them more. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter if the gift is expensive or not, for as long as it is functional and beautiful then, people would really love it.

The Downside:

Single-use plastic is definitely bad for the environment. While custom disposable cups are cost-efficient, we can’t deny the the long-term negative impact of non-biodegradable products to our planet.

More and more people are pushing to scrap single-use plastics in the market and advocate to use better alternatives. To give you a little bit of idea about this growing plastic pollution, just imagine that about one trillion single-use plastic bags are used annually across the globe which means the world uses 2 million plastic bags every minute. That’s outrageous!

Now, as an organisation that supports sustainable products, we offer you several alternatives for these custom disposable cups.


Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Custom Disposable Cups

  • Bamboo Cups –Bamboo is a sustainable material as it grows fast and is very much abundant in so many countries. They are sturdy and reusable, which means customers and employees can use them for longer.


  • Metal Rum Cups – Metal rum cups are safe and durable. You can use them in many ways within your marketing project- as gift with purchase or purchase with purchase item whenever customers buy a certain amount of products.


  • Silicone Glasses – Why not offer your customers these silicone glasses instead of disposable ones? Unlike single use plastic cups, they’re reusable, meaning better brand exposure for your company.


As we all know, a happy customer is always a loyal one. So, use eco-friendly custom disposable cups in your next promotion and see how it positively affects your brand.

If you would like to create your own custom drinking cups, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is always ready to assist you with all your marketing and manufacturing needs.


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