FIFA World Cup 2018 may have ended, but not for NutiFood! In Vietnam, they are now offering their latest promotional glass cup up in the shelves for grabs that will certainly attract the mass public. This custom glass cup is a useful item for everyday use and hence, consumers will view it with a higher perceived value.  This will drive impulse purchases and encourage more sales for brands.

Football Inspired Promotional Glass Cup - Awesome Freebie By NutiFood

Football Inspired Promotional Glass Cup – Awesome Freebie By NutiFood

Why We Love This Promotional Glass Cup

  • Simple & Cost-Effective – The cup is customizable and is molded in the shape of a football. Football fans will certainly be swayed to buy this cup at first glance! Materials needed to produce this item is also relatively cheap. This is surely a brilliant in-store marketing idea  – achievable within your marketing budget.
  • Practicality – Consumers can use cups for many things – aside from drinking it  can even be a makeshift  pencil holder. There is even a handle to hold it without scalding your hands, should you get yourself a hot drink! With high utility value, it is easy to attract attention from consumers. Hence, boosting sales will not be an issue!
  • Brand Exposure – Every sip a consumer take from this cup, they will surely be reminded of NutiFood. Positive customer experience with this promotional gift mug will bring about greater brand awareness and stronger interest towards brand’s future products. This is so when brands are able to satisfy consumer’s needs. Consequently, ensuring competitiveness within industry.

Such complimentary gift with purchase is a simple yet effective marketing tool for many brands to encourage repeated purchases! Here at ODM, we specialize in manufacturing and coming up with user-friendly and bespoke packaging design that will certainly help you in your next promotional campaign. Feel free to send your inquiry today!

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