After a series of incredible marketing campaigns by Heineken such as the custom napkin holder, GWP in China, Heineken Promotion Russia and swiss knife promo etc, they are back with their newest branded retail display stand. It is characterized by a shining and passionate red star – their logo – which illuminates brightly in the mart of Vietnam. This display will certainly make an unforgettable impression as brand retention hit its peak.

Branded Retail Display

Branded Retail Display

Why Do We Think This Branded Retail Display By Heineken is Effective?

  • Strategic Location – The display is placed near the daily necessity section whereby consumers would certainly see them. Heineken can take advantage of this placement and build on their brand awareness. It also entices potential consumers because it raises interest toward brands. Hence, selecting where to place POS displays units can determine the success of your marketing campaign.
  • Customized Shelf – Branded with Heineken’s logo effectively shouts out its brand’s presence to consumers. With custom display stands, there’s no end to creativity – design can be simple, complicated, glamorous, bold etc. With the lights coming out of the Heineken’s star logo, it makes their brand pop, radiating strong energy. Likewise, check out our reflective bags that channel the same spark.
  • Strong Colors – Red and green are colors that represent Heineken. So brand retention is definitely not an issue as customers are able to associate these colors to brand.
  • Large Signage – The size will certainly give you the upper hand against strong competitors as it improves brand visibility. It is definitely an attention-grabbing signboard worth considering!

Now, we know how we can effectively make use of a custom in-store display to increase sales! At ODM, we have a dedicated team of designers and manufacturers that can produce marketing giftscustom POP displays, and high-quality products to your expectations. Feel free to send us an inquiry!

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