Whether you’re in a restaurant or at your favourite bar, you will always see a custom napkin holder. Certainly, a napkin holder is essential for every bar and restaurant. It just completes the whole experience.

Our team spots a custom napkin holder at a known bar in Asia. This is part of Heineken’s campaign to strengthen its domain over Asian countries. It’s pretty effective since it reminds you of Heineken. Hence, you consider the brand; eventually ordering a few bottles.


Custom Napkin Holder

This custom napkin holder from Heineken is a good custom promotional merchandise since it’s driving impulse purchase from customers. Therefore, leading to an increase in sales and brand exposure,

You can always get creative when it comes to napkin holders. This could become a significant bar decor that people will rave about.

Heineken uses high-grade Polystyrene plastic. This material is inexpensive yet hard and clear which creates a good napkin holder. Check out these creative napkin holders that may be perfect for your bar or restaurant.

Why do we love this Custom Napkin Holder from Heineken?

  • Useful – Napkin holders are necessary components in a bar and restaurant as there will always be a mouth, hand or spillage to wipe clean during or after a meal. Therefore, restaurants will always display and use these napkin holders.
  • Promotes Brand Awareness – Since bars and restaurants will definitely use this kitchen essential, Heineken sees this as an opportunity to promote the brand. They’ve customised the napkin holder to bear Heineken’s iconic star and logo.


How can this campaign be improved?

Heineken could start a full-blown marketing campaign on their selected bar. They could start installing a custom inflatable bottle around the bar area as well. Check out the sample inflatable below from Beer Lao.

Overall, this marketing campaign from Heineken yields positive results. Also, this could be used together with other effective promotions like a gift with purchase, POS display units, on pack promotions, etc.

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