For their recent campaign, Nestea has opted for a custom printed promotional napkin holder. High-utility and versatile, we believe this is a good example of a simple yet effective marketing strategy that could help influence customer’s purchasing behavior.

Have you ever paused to consider why some customers choose other products over others? Ever wonder what sets their products apart?  It’s the quality of the marketing gifts and promotional items that set them apart. But, before you pull another marketing campaign please make an effort to understand your business better. Understand your target customers and why they are or aren’t choosing your products.

3 Reasons Why We Love Nestea's Promotional Napkin Holder

3 Reasons Why We Love Nestea’s Promotional Napkin Holder

What Makes Up A Good Promotional Napkin Holder?

In most cases, brands would say that it needs to be grand, expensive, and trendy. But, this concept doesn’t always follow because sometimes, simplicity is the key. Nestea’s custom napkin holder is a good example of an effective promotional item that doesn’t break the bank.

Napkin holders are flexible in that they can be made out of plastic, wood, metal, or any material of your choice. Whilst Nestea has the capacity to go all out with this campaign, they chose to use plastic for their napkin holder. It all makes sense because plastic is affordable and is easy to source. Also, it is lightweight and easy to clean. More importantly, the durability of the material allows restaurant and bar owners to use the promotional item for longer.

However, one problem we see with being “too simple” is that, although high utility, there is nothing in this design that we can call “remarkable.” And customers might easily forget about their promotions once they exit the restaurant.

So, we recommend using additional marketing items to augment this promotion. Here’s a list of bar and restaurant promotional product ideas you can use alongside a branded napkin holder.


Why Do We Think Promotional Napkin Holder Is A Good Advertising Idea?

  • Simple Design – The design doesn’t interfere with the purpose which is vital for a promo item. The straightforward style and branding shows their no-nonsense approach to marketing their brand.
  • Cost-effective – Producing this kind of custom promotional merchandise is easy. As per our product designers, the cost of producing plastic napkin holders is significantly lower than glass and metal. Therefore, brands could produce more of these items and further their marketing campaign.
  • Flexible – These napkin holders are suitable for hotel and bar promotion, and venue marketing. Whether you are an established brand, or just starting out, you can advertise your brand with a promotional napkin holder. Placing this on tables, and counters could gain your brand tremendous daily exposure.

Napkin holders are an absolute necessity in restaurants, bars, and food courts. Since the food and drink industry is booming, these napkin holders will definitely augment your bar and drink promotions.

So if you need help designing and sourcing promotional and advertising materials for your next project, contact ODM today.


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